Event Title
Name SDSU Chinese Cultural Center
Opening Hours
Location Virtual
Telephone 6195944791
Email ccc@sdsu.edu
Web Site http://education.sdsu.edu/ccc/programs/workshop
Contact Mu-Ting Huang  
Fee FREE! Please go to our website for registration https://education.sdsu.edu/ccc/programs/workshop
Reception Date 2-21-2021
Dates Starts On 2-21-2021   Ends On 2-21-2021
Opening Days
Opening Time : A.M.
Event Description "Above the Drowning Sea" is a documentary file that recounts the stories of Jewish people who were able to escape Nazi-controlled Vienna in the mid-20th century, and find refuge in Shanghai, thanks to a diplomat. This documentary screening will ve followed by commentary from Rene Balcer & Carolyn Hsu-Balce, followed by panel discussion.
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Event Title
GLIMMER - Julia San Roman
Name Sparks Gallery
Address 530 Sixth Ave
City San Diego
State CA
Zip 92101
Opening Hours Closed Easter 4/4/21 and 4/12/21-4/16/21
Location Central San Diego
Telephone 619-696-1416
Email levi@sparksgallery.com
Web Site http://www.sparksgallery.com
Contact Levi  
Reception Date N/A
Dates Starts On 2-21-2021   Ends On 4-25-2021
Opening Days
Opening Time : A.M.
Event Description Light takes center stage in San Román’s latest body of work, assuming the role of protagonist while the role of antagonist is cast as large, foreboding nimbus clouds. In these celestial scenes, light is in constant battle with the clouds for room in the sky. The red and yellow light beams explode through the grey amorphous masses, leaving a full spectrum of color in their wake. As the light vanquishes the dark, a feeling of optimism swells inside each of San Roman’s paintings. San Román’s work also features depictions of Latino workers, paying homage to what she refers to as “the silent base of the American economy.” The nameless men and women bask in the light of the cloud paintings with heads turned up towards the sky in optimistic meditation. As she aptly explains, “I am creating a space in which to give dignity to my own dreams, mankind’s dream to find a dignity that might include all living things.”
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