Event Title
Oh, those glazes! - Qing Dynasty Ceramics
Name SDSU Chinese Cultural Center
Opening Hours
Location 0
Telephone 6195944791
Email ccc@sdsu.edu
Web Site http://education.sdsu.edu/ccc/programs/workshop
Contact Mu-Ting Huang  
Fee FREE! Please register at https://education.sdsu.edu/ccc/programs/workshop
Reception Date 1-16-2021
Dates Starts On 1-16-2021   Ends On 1-16-2021
Opening Days
Opening Time : A.M.
Event Description In the Qing Dynasty, the vogue for porcelain in Europe would reach its height during the first half of the 18th century. This presentation will show the gorgeous colors such as café au lait, pale yellow, brilliant turquoise, apple green, purple or eggplant, etc. There were over 40 colors in the porcelain during the Qing Dynasty.
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Event Title
Guest Artists at The Studio Door
Name The Studio Door
Address 3867 Fourth Avenue
City San Diego
State CA
Zip 92103
Opening Hours
Location Central San Diego
Telephone 619-255-2867
Email forallweknow@thestudiodoor.com
Web Site http://www.thestudiodoor.com
Contact Patric Stillman  
Fee Free to the Public. Art for Sale.
Reception Date N/A
Dates Starts On 1-16-2021   Ends On 1-16-2021
Opening Days
Opening Time : A.M.
Event Description January 8 - February 27, 2021

Nationally collected colorful abstracts and impressionistic California landscapes.

Vulnerable self portraits inspired by the power of music.

Internationally acclaimed multidimensional mixed media works exploring binational intimacy.

Contemporary paintings in an illustrated style celebrating San Diego's exceptional coastal region.

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Event Title
Visiting Artist Iana Quesnell at Lux Art Institute
Name Lux Art Institute
Address 1550 S. El Camino Real
City Encinitas
State CA
Zip 92024
Opening Hours Thursday - Saturday (2PM - 5PM)
Location North County Coastal
Telephone 7604366611
Email dyoung@luxartinstitute.org
Web Site http://www.luxartinstitute.org
Contact D. Young  
Fee Reservation Required (Donations accepted)
Reception Date N/A
Dates Starts On 1-16-2021   Ends On 3-20-2021
Opening Days Thursday - Saturday (2PM - 5PM)
Opening Time : A.M.
Event Description Iana Quesnell challenges concepts of occupying space as they relate to identity and movement. Through observations of daily life, Quesnell reveals how the physical spaces we inhabit force individuals to behave and move in specific premeditated ways. These actions are a part of a larger set of systemic structures present in today’s society; implemented through architecture, division of private and public space, and notions of societal norms. Quesnell exposes these systems in order to gain awareness and analyze their inner workings.
[Learn more at the link below]
Visiting Artist: IANA QUESNELL:

VISIT LUX (INFORMATION): https://www.luxartinstitute.org/visit/

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