Event Title
An Obsession: New Works by Mary Jhun
Name Thumbprint Gallery
Address 920 Kline Street, #104
City La Jolla
State CA
Zip 92037
Opening Hours 5p-10p
Location Central San Diego
Telephone (858) 354-6294
Email thumbprintgallery@gmail.com
Web Site http://thumbprintgallery.com
Contact Johnny Tran  
Reception Date 9-10-2021
Dates Starts On 9-10-2021   Ends On 6-11-2021
Opening Days Saturdays, noon-4pm and by appointment
Opening Time :
Event Description PRESS https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/.../meet-mary-jhun... https://www.sandiegomagazine.com/.../article_8a7e0e8e... Mary Jhun was born in Cavite, Philippines in 1989 and moved to the States in the mid-‘90s. Her struggle with English and making friends as a kid was what pushed her need to draw when she was in elementary school. “I gave a drawing of a bird to a boy when I was eight and he became my friend without me saying a word. That was when I knew I wanted to use art first and foremost as my voice.” Mary Jhun is an Autodidact, advocating for self-education. Leaving Art School at the end of her college years, Jhun began her path in becoming a surrealist artist and explored disciplines of art such as printmaking, architecture, sculpting, music, and culinary. Jhun is well versed in Surrealist Automatism, a method of art working directly from the subconscious without a planned approach. She refers to her work as “emotional self portraits of a day remembered” for that the method all
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