Event Title
Una Storia Segreta: When Italian Americans Were "Enemy Aliens"
Name New Americans Museum San Diego
Address 2825 Dewey Rd #102
City San Diego
State California
Zip 92106
Opening Hours Join us for the opening wine reception on April 27th from 5pm to 7:30pm. The exhibition is open to the public until July 15th.
Location Central San Diego
Telephone (619) 756-7707
Email marketing@namuseum.org
Web Site https://namuseum.org/upcoming-events-calendar/una-storia-segreta-when-italian-americans-were-enemy-aliens
Contact Diane Toan  
Fee This is free admission. However, advance registration is required.
Reception Date 27-4-2023
Dates Starts On 27-4-2023   Ends On 15-7-2023
Opening Days April 27, 2023
Event Description Una Storia Segreta: When Italian Americans Were "Enemy Aliens," a captivating exhibition curated by Dr. Lawrence DiStasi and Dr. Rose Scherini that delves into a lesser-known chapter of American history. During World War II, Italian Americans were designated as "enemy aliens" and subjected to discriminatory treatment, including forced relocation, internment, and surveillance. Through powerful photographs, documents, and personal stories, this exhibition sheds light on the experiences of Italian Americans during this period of fear and uncertainty. From the impact on families and communities to the time's broader political and social context, Una Storia Segreta offers a compelling and thought-provoking exploration of a forgotten chapter of American history. Don't miss this opportunity to learn more about the struggles and resilience of Italian Americans during a difficult time in our nation's past.
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