Event Title
Beyond The Elements
Name New Americans Museum San Diego
Address 2825 Dewey Rd #102
City San Diego
State California
Zip 92106
Opening Hours Thu & Fri (10:00AM - 4:00PM) | Sat & Sun (11:00AM - 4:00PM)
Location Central San Diego
Telephone (619) 756-7707
Email contactus@namuseum.org
Web Site https://namexhibitsappointments.as.me/schedule.php
Contact Diane Toan  
Reception Date 29-9-0
Dates Starts On 14-9-2023   Ends On 28-1-2024
Opening Days
Event Description A multimedia exhibition commemorating San Diego's Groundbreaking Hip Hop Scene (Mid 80's - Early 90's) Don't miss this captivating journey through San Diego's pioneering Hip Hop scene, featuring 10 talented artists, unveiling the immigrant roots of the culture. Save the date and plan your visit to witness this captivating journey through music, culture, and art.
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