Event Title
OMA Hosts a Fragrance Forum
Name Oceanside Museum of Art
Address 704 Pier View Way
City Oceanside
State CA
Zip 92054
Opening Hours
Location 0
Telephone 760-435-3720
Email danielle@oma-online.org
Web Site http://www.oma-online.org
Contact Danielle Susalla  
Fee $5, Free for OMA members
Reception Date N/A
Dates Starts On 4-30-2009   Ends On 4-30-2009
Opening Days
Opening Time 07:00 A.M.
Event Description Conceptual artist Brian Goeltzenleuchter is hosting a Fragrance Forum at Oceanside Museum of Art, April 30th from 7:00-9:00 p.m. to discuss the power of olfaction and the process behind his exhibition, Institutional Wellbeing: An Olfactory Plan for Oceanside Museum of Art. Fragrance expert Jan Moran, art critic Kevin Freitas, psychologist Dr. David Peterzell, and artist Brian Goeltzenleuchter will exchange ideas about the interdisciplinary world of scent. Fragrance Forum is $5 and free for OMA members as a benefit of membership. Institutional Wellbeing: An Olfactory Plan for Oceanside Museum of Art is a site-specific installation created by conceptual artist Brian Goeltzenleuchter that explores the perception of fragrance as an art media for interior environments. It playfully exploits the language of corporate aesthetics as well as new age healing to create and brand a scent for the museum using the latest in scent engineering technology. Jan Moran is an author, fragrance authority, and brand communication consultant specializing in technological solutions for retailers. Moran is the best selling author of books, Fabulous Fragrances I and II. Fabulous Fragrances II contains 700 of the world's most treasured scents, including the favored fragrances of celebrities such as Madonna, Princess Diana, Audrey Hepburn, Gary Grant and Michael Jordan. A fragrance authority, Moran says, "I find fulfillment in helping others select and enjoy scents. Perfume personifies the luxurious life." As a fragrance expert, she has been featured on Extra, CNN Headline News, New York Magazine and many others. As editor and writer, she has covered fragrance, beauty, and spa travel for a variety of publications including Cosmopolitan, Complete Woman and more. Jan is also the brainchild behind the scentsa fragrance finder, a revolutionary touch-screen technology exclusive to Sephora stores in the United States and Canada. The interactive system encourages shoppers to explore more than 7,000 fragrances and discover the stories behind today’s hottest brands and legendary bestsellers. From fragrance ingredients to perfume reviews, scentsa serves up easy answers to the perennial question, What’s the best fragrance for me? Scentsa won a FiFi Award for Technological Innovation from New York-based The Fragrance Foundation, a Cisco Growing with Technology Award honor, and a Stevie Award for Technology Innovator of the Year. more page 2, OMA David Peterzell’s background is in two broad areas of psychology, including visual neuroscience and clinical psychology. He has published approximately thirty papers on the first topic, and a few on the second. Along with being a lecturer, researcher, clinician and/or consultant at various universities in San Diego he is a licensed clinical psychologist. At UCSD he teaches courses such as Sensation and Perception that examine the sensory systems that allow us to see, hear, feel, smell, and taste. He explores the profound relationships between mind, matter and brain; between psychological, physical and neural realities. Kevin Freitas has been a prominent figure in the art world for years, as a gallery owner, artist, art writer, and now blogger. He is currently the editor and founder of the San Diego art blog “Art as Authority,” which offers local exhibition coverage and art criticism. Freitas has had several art reviews published in the alternative weekly publication CityBeat, and has written numerous essays for artists catalogs in the US and France. This is an ideal time in the museum’s history to present Institutional Wellbeing… which will open one year after a dramatic expansion that quadrupled the size of the museum. Goeltzenleuchter will examine the shifts that have occurred in the dynamics of the staff, board members, and visitors, and address the importance of their wellbeing by creating a fragrance for the museum to stimulate consistent degrees of positive energy and creativity, encouraging high levels of productivity and enthusiasm. Careful observation and personal interviews will provide the identity that becomes the fragrance known as “OMA” representing the olfactory experience of Oceanside Museum of Art. The fragrance “OMA” will accompany the exhibition as both a scent presented in the installation and as a retail product available in the museum’s store so that visitors can purchase the fragrance for use in their own interiors, incorporating the museum experience into their personal environment.

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