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This page contains the names of individual and organizations which have supported the San Diego Visual Arts Network. It also list those projects to which the San Diego Visual Arts Network has given its support. To appear on these pages click here to read about supporting SDVAN with your company, organization or individually. (*) denotes SD Art Prize contributors. Please also view the current year's list of donor

Our Sponsors

The Entertainers
Technical Assistance
SDVAN Sponsorships of worthy projects

Organizations/Galleries The San Diego Visual Arts Network is grateful to the following Organizations/Galleries for their generous donations of time, services and/or money which has made possible:

Titanium White Benefactors over $2000
Smart Family Foundation - Grant received 2006, 2011, 2012
*L Street Gallery of the Omni Hotel
Seth Sprague Educational and Charitable Foundation
Sè Hotel and Siren Lounge
San Diego Regional Disaster Fund /San Diego Foundation's  After The Fires Fund
Quint Contemporary Art
*Art San Diego – Ann Berchtold

County of San Diego Board of Supervisors for North County Arts Network Community Enhancement and Neighborhood Reinvestment Grant Programs

Cerulean Blue Connoisseurs $201 to $1999
San Diego Visual Artist Guild
Barnes and Noble
Combined Organization for Visual Arts (COVA - Now part of the San Diego Art Institute)
Modern Postcard
Art of Photography/Art of Digital - Steven Churchill
Art Expressions Gallery - Patty Smith

The Andrews Gallery
Toyota Scion through Automotive Marketing consultants.Inc.
VeeV for Eco-friendly cocktails
St. Madeleine Sophie's Center
Schneer Foundation
SD Foundation
Adorn Gallery - Mirjam Butz-Brown
ArtRocks247 - Alexandra Rosa and Lu Magdaleno
CEOSpaceshift- Kathy Jurgensen
Family Health Centers of San Diego - Gerrit Greve
Synergy Arts Foundation
Art Institute of Califronia, San Diego
Top Dekk - Carolann Dekker
Wolfstein Sculpture Garden - Ralyn and Nate Wolfstein
Heritage Senior Care, Inc
Surfing Madonna Oceans Project
Sergott Contemporary Art Alliance
- Ann and Thomas Sergott
Sparks Gallery

Noel-Baza Fine Art   Tom Noel and Larry Baza
Ofield Family Trust for Lemon Grove Historical Society
Case Valencia Gallery
Ornament Magazine Carolyn L. E. Benesh and Robert K. Liu

Violet Patrons from $101 to $200
San Diego Museum of Art
Southwestern Yatch Club
Galerie d'Art International

San Diego Guild of Puppetry - Lynn Jennings

Fusion Glass Company - Paul Fernands and Debbie Solan
Solana Beach City Hall Gallery - Anita Edman
Alexander Salazar Fine Art
The Studio Door

Supporters from $26 to $100
Law Office of Jeff W. Slattery
Art as Authority - Kevin Freitas
Arnaud International - Daniele Arnaud
Del Mar Art Center Gallery
La Jolla Art Association
Ordover Gallery
San Diego Portrait Society
San Diego Natural History Museum

Lucid Gallery
San Diego Watercolor Society

Van Cleve Fine Art - Pierrette Van Cleve
Distinction Gallery
Museum Artists Foundation
Stone Paper Scissors - Lynn Susholtz
Ray Street Custom Framing - Michelle Robinson
Oceanside Museum of Art
Lynn Merchant Jewelry
Escondido Art Partnership
Allied Artists Association of San Diego
Dr Sketchy's San Diego - Nicolette Haritatos
*Beyond the Border Gallery - Larry and Debra Poteet
Univeristiy of SD Robert and Karen Hoehn Family Galleries
Market Street Group - Carol Prior & George Wahab
College Art Association
Women in Creative Photography
Taboo Studios
Susan Street Fine Art Gallery
Ripple Textile Recycling, Inc. ( Benita Webber)
Law Offices of Howard Kitay
Noel-Baza Gallery
San Diego Repertory Theatre, Inc

Boyd Law (San Diego)
Adelman Fine Art
Veterans Art Project - Steven Dilley

Louis Goldich Collection Management
Spanish Village Art Center

Basic Black Friends with a minimum $25 donation
Art Walk
Chula Vista Art Guild Playhouse Art Gallery
Julian Art Guild
Market Street Group
Oceanside Museum of Art
San Diego Art Institute
San Diego Drawing Group
Distinction Gallery and Artist Studios
Pacific Beach Artist Guild
San Dieguito Art Guild
The Visual Arts Group of North County
Women's Caucus for Art, San Diego
101 Artist Colony
San Diego & North County PRINTMAKERS
Contiguous Realities Studio/Gallery
EnterArt Galley
Dragonfly Center
Christine L Baker Personal Accounting Solutions
Walls of the World
Friends of East County Arts
West Coast Drawing
Glass Ranch - Cherrie La Porte and Garry Cohen
Seminars in Art Law  Jeff Slattery
Golden Hill Arts - Bart Ziegler
La Jolla Art and Wine Festival through Firends of the La Jolla Elementary
Fallbrook Art Center
Distinction Gallery - Melissa Inez Walker
Institute of the Americas - Isabel Escalle
Curieux Fine Art -Linda Halsey
South California Chapter of The International Furnishing and Design Assosiciation - Karen Wirrig
Cost Co.
Coastal Artists
Point Loma Artist
Tiki Tangles Janet Masey
Kaminskiy Design and Remodeling
Art at the Guild Robert Ford Mance

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Individuals The San Diego Visual Arts Network is especially grateful to the following Individuals for their generous donations which has made this project possible.

Titanium White Benefactors over $2000
*Jonathan and Wendy Segal

Cerulean Blue Connoisseurs $201 to $2000
Sandra Chanis
Patricia Frischer and Darwin Slindee
Tommy Wilson - We are especially grateful to Mr. Wilson who donated the webspace for SDVAN
Theresa de Mol
*James Robbins
*Alice and Douglas Diamond
*Vivian Lim and Joe Wong
*Ernest Silva
Florence Frischer
*Ann Berchtold
*Coop and Patti Cooprider
*Charles and Julie Pinney
Ron Newby (Bronowski Art and Science Forum)
Michael And Pamela Stafford
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas and Ann Sergott
Irene de Watteville
*Jay S. Johnson
Jill Le Croissette -
Emmy Sobiesk and Joe Longo
Duncan and Christie Beniston
Ellen Speert and Paul Henry
Vivienne Esrig and Terry Robinson
Beth Smith - Vision Art
Dana Smith
Ralyn and Nate Wolfstein - Wolfstein Sculpture Gardens
Nancy L. McCaleb
Pamela Wagner/Hans Tegebo
Dr.Elliot and Joni Albert
Danielle Susalla
Barbro Owens-Krikpatrick
Nancy and Steve Howard
Rita Shulak -
Kaz Maslanka -
Kevin Inman
Naimeh Tanha
W. T. Popplewell
John Eger, Lionel Van Deerlin Endowed Chair of Communication and Public Policy at the School of Journalism and Media Studies, San Diego State University

Patrons from $101 to $200
*Virginia Bell Jordon
Lia Strell -
Nancy Bergmann
Anthony Karnazes
Maurine and Don Stein
Barbara Jones
Katrina B. Hart
Dana Smith - Mira Costa College
Lauren Kurek -
Dion Frischer
Robin Lipman
Tricia Smith
Micah Parzen - Museum of Man
Laurence and Rahleen Bloch
Carole Marks and Michael Horwitz
Fritzie Urquhart
Carol Beth Rodriguez
Larry Poteet and Debra McGinty-Poteet

Esther R. Nahama
Shirley Harper
Susan and Darryl Abramson
Gene and Miriam Summ
Teresa Arballo Barth
Andrea and Glenn Rankin
Claire S. Slattery and Sidney Wildesmith -

Irene de Watteville
Melinda Resende
Emmy Garncia -
Mark Title, Title Tech Arts

Magenta Supporters from $26 to $100
Betty Gilroy -
Pam Buchan -
Dave Ghilarducci -
Gloria Rosen
Peter Gowin -
Carole and Victor J. Lafica -
Julia Gill -
Elaine Davis -
Laurie Mika -
Jim Reeves -
*Kennan E Kaeder
Shauna A. Peck -
Cindy Bis-Sevon -
Pam Buchan
Karen Fox
Catherine Sass
Chris and Lauren Carerra -
Eli Hans - Sublime Design
Joseph Bennett
Jane LaFazio -
John Valois -
Mollie Kellogg -
Cheryl Tall -
Lilly Fluger -
Peter Liebig -
Grace Grey- Adams -

Naomi Nussbaum -
Kelly Mellos -
Donna Butnik -
*Kim MacConnel -
Jen Trute-
Michele Guieu -
Lori Lipsman -
Catherine Robertson
Connie Cannon -
Elly Dotseth -
Becky Guttin -
Caroline Shine Benkendorf -
Jeffrey Clark
Irene Abraham -
Kelly L Fitzgerald -
Michael Maas -
Cathyn Ward -
* Andy and Jane Kecskes
Rosemary KimBal -
Valentine Viannay -
Carl R. Schmidt -
Carol Graber -
Marti Kranzberg -
Michelle Kurtis Cole -
Barbara Gothard -
Doug Simay -
Hyacinthe Baron -
John Chalmers -
Kseniya Bublikova -
Lily Jackson/Matthew Hohifeld
Chris Durham
Portia La Touche -
Lynne Jennings - San Diego Guild of Puppetry
Jo Caldwell -
Judith Parenio -

Karen Gilbert
Jeffery Laudenslager -
Josephina DiSalvo-
Ellen Dieter -
Joan M Caldwell -
Nancy Gordon -
Angela Jackson -
Lonnie and Maurice Hewitt
Becky Guttin -
Cherrie La Porte -
Marla Mossman -
Phyllis Newman
Eilean Wuhl
Mark Hodgetts
Rick Sheaffe
Denise Strahm
Rita Miglioli http://
Maidy Morhous
Linda Nimmerichtter

Basic Black Friends with a minimum $25 donation
Lois Buell
Corrine Friedlander
Marge Froihlich Walter and Annie Losk
Gertrude Pepp
Shirley Schiff
Harold and Ruth Tivol
Helen Whitman
Cheryl Tall -
Joseph Villela -

Janet Hansen -
Rebecca Van Ness
Claudio D'Agostino -
Bridget Rountree -
Christie Beniston -
Stephen Miele -
Ruth Dorn -
Ricardo Vela -
Jeffrey Wynne -
Jeffrey Black -
Padgett Mason -
Shane Keith -
Grace Grey-Adams -
Cheryl Nickel -
Judith D'Agostino -
Judy Mandolf -
Madelynn Engle -
Seyo Cizmic -
Joanne Dramko -
James Respess -
Viviana Lombrozo -
Vicky DeLong -
Alan Ziter -
Joe Nalven -
Jon Rawlinson -
Shannon O'Dunn -
Reba Engel -
Judith A. Godde
Garry Cohen
Edward Roxburgh -
Heather KiNCH -
Dottie Stanley -
Jeffrey R. Brosbe -
Deanne Sabeck -
Gerald Montoya -
Francine Filsinger -
Michael's Artwork -
Terry Williams -
Marc Kitaen -
Ed White -
Ed Roxburgh -
Wendy Moldew
Lyford Rome
Julia S. Rasor -
Lori Escalera
Jeanne Dunn
Joseph Oakes
Anna Jenkins
Heide Rufeh

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Entertainers The following Entertainers have graciously given of their talents to amuse and enlighten us at various SDVAN events. We love, thank and support them.

Laura Lee Juliano, poet and acttress
Gabriela Anaya-Valdepeña, poet
Paul Dorrell author, Living the Artist’s Life
Mike Markov & Judy Solecki Tango masters
John Raifsnider Horoscope readings
PRUITT IGOE spoken word opera ambiant art band
Sledgehammer Theatre
Art As Authority
, Kevin Freitas
Urban Tribal Dance Company, Sara Plaisted
Zuriel Waters
Jaysen Waller
Pruitt Igoe and Puna Press, Ted Washington
Edwin Decker
Emerge Art Center, Marilyn Klisser and Aura Thielen
Zoe Tantrum, model, coach, vocalist

Media The following Media organizations have supported SDVAN generously and deserve our thanks.

Robert Pincus - SD Union Tribune
Alexandra Rosa and Lu Magdaleno- ArtRocks247
Jeff Yoemans - SD County Art and Gallery Guide
Kinsee Morlan and Matt Foote - San Diego CityBeat
Kehau Cerizo - Today's Local News
Laurie Brindle and Bill Fark - North County Times
Art Gallery Worldwide
Julia Spaulding – San Diego Magazine
Mike Wallace and Jennifer Weddel - KSDS Jazz88.3
Joseph Wallace - Imperfekshum Magazine
Phillip Swendoza and Alexandra Rosa - ARTROCKS! Internet radio
Liz Edwards - LetsPlayDowntown
John Rippo - The Espresso
Julio Rodriguez photogropher and general director Entijuanarte08
Cong Nguyen, photographer
Georgia Hoopes, writer
Louisa Garcia, writer
Amy Prec
i, writer
Katherine Sweetman, writer
Marti Krane, writer
Lesley Ma, writer
Sheena Ghanbari, writer
Melissa Barnes, writer
Patrick Benesh-Lui - Ornament Magazine, publisher
Beth Binger - Binger Communication Inc, PR
Kelly Bennett - Voice of San Diego, writer
David Codden on KPBS, writer
James Chute - Union Tribune writer
Lonnie Burstein Hewitt -La Jolla Light writer
Kay Colvin - Coast News writer
Tiffany Frowiss, San Diego Living , Channel 6 TV

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Technical We want to thank the following for their ongoing Technical support. They have contributed thousands of dollars in kind to make SDVAN "State of the Arts".

Imhosted is kindly hosting our website as a donation to SDVAN.
Tommy Wilson - We are especially grateful to Mr. Wilson who donated the webspace for SDVAN for the first three years of its existence.
Darwin Slindee - PC by the Sea
Tanuj Malik - Technocom
Joshua Padnick - Omedix
Nadine Baurin - Creataria
Jeneen Ausk - JB Artistic
Alexandra Rosa and Lu Magdaleno- ArtRocks247 for video production
Cara Mia Ciaculli - Park Blvd Marketing
Anand Bora - Determinant Studios

Multi-media Design Our thanks to these amazingly talented artists for there creative input.

Angeles Moreno - Anaimation Moti on Graphic Design
Laura Lee Juliano - Lollylava ink!
Melissa Reese
Susan Hirsch
Denise Bonaimo
Sheri Fox
Adam Levins and Jessica Mandeville
Fei Zhou
Melissa Au
Cara Mia Ciaculli - Park Blvd Marketing
Emily Kay - Cre8ive Media
Erika Johnson
Addie Charnus

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SDVAN Sponsorships:

SD ART PRIZE, 2006 - 201616
Synergy Arts Foundation 2006-2016
Mission Federal Art Walk Student Booth Mentorship, 2012 - 201
Mission Federat Art Walk Participation Event, 2012 - 201
The Women’s History Museum and Educational Center, 2008
, 2012-2015
The Art
ist Odessy, 2014-2016
San Diego Art Institute, 2014-201
Encinitas Friends of the Arts , 2014-201
SD History Center , 2015
Art Produce, 2015
Sergott Contemporary Art Alliance, 2015
Fusionglass Co. Gallery & Studio, 2015

Vanguard Culture , 2015
The Studio Door, 2015
Oceanside Art Walk, 2015
Athenaeum;, 2014, 2015
Cannon Art Gallery;, 2014, 2015
SD History Center , 2014
Oceanside Museum of Art Auction, 2013, 2014
SD Fringe Festival , 2014
The Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, 2014
Ambush, 2013
Entijuanarte 2013

Alessandra Colfi, Mary Hollander and William Leslie:: Dream Flags, a Participation Event for the San Diego Cancer Research Institute at ArtWalk @NTC Liberty Station , 2013
30th Anniversary Celebration of Spike and Mike's Festival of Animation, 2013
Celebrating Digital Art: Digital Art Guild and To Send Light into the Darkness: Digital Art Guild at Gallery 21, Spanish Village Art Center
, 2013
Dennis Paul Batt Memoiral at Oceanside Museum of Art, 2012
Colosseum Fine Arts, Benefit SDVAN, Irinia Negulescu/Scott Wright, May, 2011
Fifteen exhibitions of Art Meets Fashion at NTC, NorhtPark and Downtown, April/May, 2011
Bronowski Art and Science Forum, 2010 - 2011
Kira Carrillo Corser: Art is the Next Peace, ArtWalk, 2011

Rosemary KimBal Giant Zen Brush Painting Demo
, ArtWalk, 2011

Entijuanarte, 2008, 2010
Love Struck Art MeetsFashion at the La Jolla Playhouse, presented by Jon Block, 2010
Survey Select, 2010
Hope for Haiti - Synergy Arts Foundation Benefit
, 2010
Family Health Centers of
San Diego, and ARTS through Healing Waters, ArtforHealing Project, Aug 2009
ArtRocks! Art Star Interview, 2008
Mo'olelo Theatre, 2008
Barrio Logan/East Village Arts District , 2007
Sophies Art Gallery of St. Madeleine Sophie's Center, 2007
Urban Pulse, Synergy Arts Foundation, EASL Emergency Artists Support League, 2007
Fire and Rebirth,
, 2007
The San Diego Educational Theatre Association (SDETA), 2007
Cambridge School Spring Gala and Auction, 2007
The Liberation Art Sho
w benefiting Shakti Rising, 2007
Buy Art Save Lives Breast Cancer Fundraiser at Wood FX, 2006
Multiple Universes – Re-seeing Art, The Digital Art Guild and the Photo Arts Group , 2006
Art of Digital Show, 2006
Jeans for Justice for Sexual Assault Awareness Month, 2006, 2007
Photocharity/The Storefront, 2006
Fred Van Ormer Memorial Exhbition, Andrea Rushing Gallery, 2006
UCSD's Africa Aid Art Twogether, 2006
San Diego County Women’s Hall of Fame, 2006, 2007
Digital Art Booms in SD, 2006
The Outdoor Art Initiative for Carlsbad Village, 2006
UCSD Student-Run Free Clinic Project, 2005
Digital Art Guild @ Art Walk, 2005
San Diego Visual Artists Guild Facade Fundraiser, 2005
Envision, 2005
Broker Building, Art Relief Auction for Tsunami Victims, 2005
COVA Open Studios 2004, 2003
Art Collector Round Table series, 2004, 2003
Synergy Art Auction 2004, 2006
National Multiple Sclerosis Society, 204, 2005, 2006
Community Development, San Diego East Visitors Bureau, 2004, 2007
Barnes and Noble Book Signing of Paul Dorrell “Living the Artist's Life”, 2004

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