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We are delighted to announce as the 2016 SD Art Prize recipients
Irma Sofia Poeter with emerging artist Shinpei Takeda
Richard Keely with emerging artist William Feeney
SD Art Prize Catalog 2016
More info: patricia@ssdvisualarts.net 760 .943.0148 Press Release

Looking Glass Project

SDVAN and NCAN wiorking on a joint pormotion to connect art with business. To join in this effort: info@sdvisualarts.net

NEW! December 2016 Monthly Message Site updates and your invite to attend our meetings, events and particpate in our projects.

A+ At Blog Can Falling Behind, Put You Ahea
by Patricia Frischer, coordinator, SDVAN . You can now blog back and leave your comments.

NEW! RAW November
2016 now features a list of NEW! PICKED RAW PEELED art reports plus an entire list of reports from a multiple of publications. You can blog back about these event now.

Picked RAW
for December 2016 List before the end of the month to be eligibe. Branching Out featuring recently listed resources

Simay Oct Picks from LA

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Message from artists about the election results appeared on Hyperallergicartnet NewsThe Art Newspaper, and ARTnews.


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