Event Title
Distinction Gallery Presents "Neil Poyuzina Memori
Name Distinction Gallery and Artist Studios
Address 317 E. Grand Ave
City Escondido
State CA
Zip 92025
Opening Hours 12-5pm
Location North County Inland
Telephone 760-781-5779
Email melissa@distinctionart.com
Web Site http://www.distinctionart.com
Contact Melissa Walker  
Fee Free
Reception Date 11-13-2010
Dates Starts On 11-13-2010   Ends On 12-4-2010
Opening Days Thursday through Sunday
Event Description Distinction Gallery Presents: A solo exhibition, auctioning the works of Neil Poyuzina , which runs from November 13, 2010 to December 4, 2010. Neil Poyuzina was a long time self-declared slave for art, and a truer statement could not be made. Born in Watkins Glen, New York on December 7, 1974, Neil was a self-taught artist. Choosing Art for his studies during college, he spent his life continuously working and learning about his passion. His personal style came from his subconscious, using that as his inspiration, while embracing external influences allowing them to take shape abstractly in his work. He believed that true inspiration was allowed to happen, not forced. He believed that as an artist that his responsibility was to further humanity in the creative learning process. “Everything is a Medium. All Things are Art.” (Neil Poyuzina, 2010) Neil’s works will be sold auction style, with bids beginning at 10% of retail price.

Event Title
NOCTURNAL: Artwork by Scott Saw and Nick McPherson
Name Thumbprint Gallery
Address 2637 University Avenue
City San Diego
State CA
Zip 92104
Opening Hours 12pm-3pm
Location Central San Diego
Telephone 858-354-6294
Email thumbprintgallery@gmail.com
Web Site http://www.thumbprintgallerysd.com
Contact Johnny Tran  
Reception Date 11-13-2010
Dates Starts On 11-13-2010   Ends On 12-2-2010
Opening Days Saturdays and Sundays
Event Description Beware at night. Creatures of dreams and nightmares will roam on November 13 at “Nocturnal.” This is Thumbprint Gallery’s next show featuring Scott Saw and Nick McPherson. These two artists have shown in some of the most prestigious galleries and museums in the western states, while attaining numerous awards and achievements. Scott Saw creates vibrant, energetic paintings where dreams and current surroundings cross-pollinate with childhood memories and subconscious interpretations of the afterlife. His work entangles birth, life and death, while exploring relationships between physical and spiritual worlds. Saw's paintings are romanticized gothic landscapes of nature, misfits and oddities. The artist has shown in various venues and events, including the Oceanside Museum of Art, Sushi Performance Art Center, Infusion Gallery, and Comic Con in San Diego. Like Saw, Nick McPherson’s art draws from worlds of the surreal and mysterious. However, the artist does not engage in any political or social commentary. His works “simply are what they appear to be,” according to his website. McPherson has exhibited works at venues and events including, The Artillery Show and Re:Up Gallery. He has also won numerous awards for design at various competitions at Texas Christian University, Texas State University, Advertising Club of Fort Worth, and the Art Director Club of Houston. The opening reception at Thumbprint Gallery on November 13 will begin at 6pm and run until 10pm. The event is open to the public and there is no cover. Complimentary wine will be served.

Event Title
Eat, Paint, Love: SDVAN Eat Your Art Out Fundraise
Name L Street Gallery at the Omni
Address 628 L Street
City San Diego
State CA
Zip 92101
Opening Hours The Gallery is open from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm daily and by appointment.
Location Central San Diego
Telephone 760.492.2876
Email director@lstreetfineart.com
Web Site http://www.lstreetfineart.com/
Contact Kay Colvin  
Fee free
Reception Date 11-13-0
Dates Starts On 11-13-2010   Ends On 12-27-2010
Opening Days Open every day
Event Description L Street Fine Art Gallery presents “Eat, Paint, Love,” the current Arts for Healing project featuring new works by artist Gerrit Greve, along with teens from San Diego County and art teachers assisting the project. The exhibit of Greve’s work, in conjunction with Eat Your Art Out 2010 supporting San Diego Visual Arts Network, will run through the months of November and December 2010. . An artists’ reception will be held on November 13 from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m., during which paintings created by participating local students will be auctioned to benefit San Diego Visual Arts Network and Family Health Centers of San Diego. “Eat Paint Love” was in part inspired by the currently popular book “Eat Pray Love”. The works featured in this exhibition explore and illustrate the personal journey of the artist that takes us to unusual places in a creative quest to explore the artist’s own nature and to learn the art of spiritual balance. “Eat,” the physical part of the journey, is represented by the obvious eatables such as fruit to the less obvious use of dining tablecloths. “Paint”, the spiritual part of the journey, is explored in works such as The Shroud of Buddha, made of paint transferred with crocheted tablecloths, obscuring the face of the Buddha. “Love”, the synthesis or spiritual balance, is visualized in works such as the Reincarnated Dining Chairs, based on the Chinese symbol for “human”.

Event Title
Fused Glass Class
Name Fusion Glass Company
Address 8872 La Mesa Blvd
City La Mesa
State CA
Zip 91942
Opening Hours 11:00am-12:30pm for pendant class. 12:30pm-2:00pm for the tile class.
Location Central San Diego
Telephone 619-461-4440
Email info@fusionglassco.com
Web Site http://www.fusionglassco.com
Contact Debbie  
Fee Cost of the class is $15.00 per pendant made. Stay for both the pendant and the tile class and pay only $40.00 for both projects. Fees are all inclusive of instruction and materials.
Reception Date N/A
Dates Starts On 11-13-2010   Ends On 11-13-2010
Opening Days
Event Description Join Fusionglass artists for an adventure in glass making. In our one and a half hour classes you will use fusible glass to create a gorgeous 5" x 5" flower tile, such as the ones pictured at right. or create a fabulous dichroic glass pendant approx 2" x 2" in size in our "nearly famous" $15.00 pendant class. You'll be proud to say you made it. We invite you to stay for both classes and pay only $40.00. Classes are for ages 6 years and up. FGc can handle groups of up to 20 people. Great idea for a girls night out, Showers, Birthdays etc. Feel free to bring your snacks and bev's.

Event Title
"VINCULUM" Opening Reception
Name ART Produce Gallery
Address 3139 University Ave.
City San Diego
State CA
Zip 92104
Opening Hours Opening Reception 6:00-9:00pm
Location 0
Telephone 619-584-4448
Email lynn@artproducegallery.com
Web Site http://www.artproducegallery.com
Contact Lynn Susholtz  
Reception Date 11-13-2010
Dates Starts On 11-13-2010   Ends On 11-13-2010
Opening Days Gallery Open everyday 9:00am-4:00pm
Event Description "Vinculum" by T.H.E.M. group show Oct 28 thru Nov 28 Reception Nov 13, 6 - 9 PM This exhibit focuses on artistic and philosophical links between 10 diverse artists: Clayton Llewellyn, Cheryl Cotman, Claire-Lise Matthey Anderegg, Kathy Zanot, Jim Cronk, Judy Pike, Justina Carrasco, Alisa Zanot, Jim Williams, Joyce Corum

Event Title
Tagged: A Jeans 4 Justice Boutique at Mosaic Galle
Name Mosaic Gallery
Address 3422 30th in North Park
City San Diego
State CA.
Zip 92104
Opening Hours Open 7-10
Location Central San Diego
Telephone 435-770-8670
Email mark@mosaicwinebar.com
Web Site http://www.jesart.com
Contact Mark Jesinoski  
Fee No fee
Reception Date 11-13-2010
Dates Starts On 11-13-2010   Ends On 11-14-2010
Opening Days Saturday
Event Description This is a collaborative effort featuring 11 of San Diego's finest artists designing jeans in support of Jeans 4 Justice. All artists will have featured works in Mosaic Gallery, along with a boutique, salon, and fashion show.

Event Title
sculpture, jewelry, photography, letter press, acc
Name n/a
Address Twiggs, Green Room 4590 Park Blvd, San Diego, CA
City San Diego
State California
Zip 92116
Opening Hours opens at 6:30 pm and finishes around 9:30 pm
Location Central San Diego
Telephone 1858 336 6332
Email vviannay@gmail.com
Web Site http://www.valentineviannay.com
Contact Valentine Viannay  
Fee none
Reception Date 11-13-2013
Dates Starts On 11-13-2010   Ends On 11-13-2010
Opening Days
Event Description Art Show: Hand crafted accessories by Valentine Viannay and Lorena Taylor Jewelry by Danette Ferreti, Kimberly Skinner and Norma Cortez Paintings by Valentine viannay and Vick Loperfido Scultpure by William Loperman, Ceramics by Dan Stringfield Letterpress by bon vivant Press Photography by Norma Cortez live music by James and John Colin Spear

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