Event Title
Fun, Fast, and Furious 3
Address 8561 Jackie Drive
City San Diego
State CA
Zip 92119
Opening Hours
Location North County Coastal
Telephone 6193375489
Email rbchaudavis@gmail.com
Web Site http://www.crowdcast.io/e/fun-fast-furious-3
Contact Richard B ChauDavis  
Fee $25 Month Pass for June life drawing events (5), past recordings (6)
Reception Date N/A
Dates Starts On 6-1-2020   Ends On 6-1-2020
Opening Days
Opening Time 7:00 P.M.
Event Description Stu has a wide range of short poses from years of experiance as an artists model in class rooms, artist studios, and ArtGymSD. 18+ because of possible nudity. 2 Hour Pose List: Opening--introduction to Fun, Fast & Furious Warmup Blind Contour Outfits--Off Break Just the parts Memory Animation Open to June $25 month pass patrons on the ArtGymSD Life Drawing Tier 18+ because of possible nudity. Requires a $25 June Pass (available June 1st) which covers 5 life drawing sessions with various models in June and 6 recordings from April and May. Stu is available for onsite or online posing--his email is sesinca@gmail.com)
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Event Title
20/20: Twenty Women of Vision Art Exhibit
Name Fresh Paint Gallery
Address 1020-B Prospect Street
City La Jolla
State California
Zip 92037
Opening Hours Please check with the Fresh Paint Gallery for hours.
Location North County Coastal
Telephone 808-772-1384
Email dwilliams@freshpaintgallery.com
Web Site http://www.freshpaintgallery.com
Contact Deborah Williams  
Reception Date N/A
Dates Starts On 6-1-2020   Ends On 7-31-2020
Opening Days
Opening Time : A.M.
Event Description The exhibit opened March 7 but due to COVID-19 abruptly shuttered and is rebooting June 1 and will run till mid summer. In celebration of Women's History Month and 2020 Year of the Woman, the collective TWA (Twenty Women Artists) shared their vision of the future, past or present. The work remains relevant through the themes the artists approached about what matters, what holds our attention and what remains. The world-wide pause has made these themes even more thought-provoking: family, gender, change, joy, optimism, balance, regeneration, time, opinion, truth and comfort. All the pieces created are 20x20 inches covering a diverse price, media and subject. Artists include: Alison Haley Paul, Brenda York, Bronle Crosby, Christine Schwimmer, Susan Darnall, Diana Carey, Diane Hall, Ellen Dieter, Gail Titus, Nadine Baurin, Gillian Moss, Julia C R Gray, Julia San Roman, Kathleen Kane-Murrell, Theresa Vandenberg Donche, Kathy McChesney, Lisa Bebi, Lori Mitchell, Maite Agahnia, Manuelita Brown. Fresh Paint Gallery is located in La Jolla at 1020-B Street,La Jolla, California 92037
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