Event Title
\"Let There Be Matter\" Art Exhibit at UCSD Faculty Club
Name Ida and Cecil Green Faculty Club, UC San Diego
Address 9500 Gilman Drive
City La Jolla
State California
Zip 92093
Opening Hours Reception 4:30-6:30 PM January 18, 2019
Location Central San Diego
Telephone (760) 716-8890
Email rita.miglioli@gmail.com
Web Site http://www.ritamiglioli.com
Contact Rita Miglioli  
Fee None
Reception Date 18-1-0
Dates Starts On 18-1-2019   Ends On 30-4-2019
Opening Days 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM Monday-Friday
Opening Time 16:30
Event Description In a series of large star- or planet-like images in acrylic on unstretched canvas, Miglioli displays her life-long interest in the cosmologic topic of how the material universe came to be. A single big bang, perhaps, but she also believes that the continuity of the universe encompasses all the events, great and small, which make up our lives. In fact she asserts that our linear vision of life, in which one thing follows another, is itself a human construct. “Measured time is a tool we have created to organize events, slicing up the continuum to make it seem manageable.” In this continuity of consciousness, she feels, there is hope for a kind of immortality. “Of course we do not live forever,” she says. “But each person’s consciousness is a part of the whole, and with this knowledge we can accept loss, change, creation and destruction.”
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