Event Title
Jono, The Figure Raconteur, 2-hr Life Drawing Online
Name ChauDavis
Opening Hours
Location North County Coastal
Web Site http://www.crowdcast.io/e/jono-1
Contact Richard B ChauDavis  
Fee Participants need the month pass ($25) for May. The pass works for all Monday Night Life Drawing sessions and to review recordings from May and April.
Reception Date N/A
Dates Starts On 25-5-2020   Ends On 25-5-2020
Opening Days
Opening Time 19:00
Event Description The Figure Raconteur - May 25th 18+ because of possible nudity Hi, I am Jonathan Thompson (Jono), born in Athens, grew up in Spain, Belgium and Brazil. Still, I have seen the bulk of my adult life here in San Diego, CA. In the last 17 years as an art model 2 things have never gotten old or boring for me personally. 1. The unlimited potential of the body to become a verb in the flesh. 2. The never-ending ending individual variations in which artists interpret my poses on paper, canvas, or digital screen. The first and second mysteries contain the glory and pathos of ‘in an instant’ focus which serves as a micro theater in our shared human experience, the tragedies… the ecstasy, the wars, the abundance, the suffering and the never-ending striving to re-invent ourselves. A microsecond can be a jump in a thousand years of narrative. The second is different only in that it is a re-interpretation through the eyes of an artist becoming exponential in fascinating variation
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