Event Title
Thorns & Bubbles: New Work by Nonie Cruzado
Name Thumbprint Gallery
Address 920 Kline Street, #104
City La Jolla
State CA
Zip 92037
Opening Hours Opening reception: December 1, 2023 4p to 9p
Location Central San Diego
Telephone (858) 354-6294
Email info@thumbprintgallery.com
Web Site http://thumbprintgallery.com
Contact Johnny Tran  
Reception Date 1-12-2023
Dates Starts On 1-12-2023   Ends On 30-12-2023
Opening Days Every Saturday 12-4p
Event Description thumbprintgallery.com We are pleased to present Thorns & Bubbles, a solo exhibition featuring all new work by artist Nonie Cruzado. "For me, the art-making process is cathartic. My creative endeavors have served me well over these past few years as I flow with the changes and challenges. The past few years have given most of us a series of challenging events and life doesn’t seem to be getting easier any time soon. It seems like a recurrence of popping assumptions. Our assumptions, our reality, our truths all suddenly become outdated. Like the cycle of night and day, I see these patterns where we create, destroy, adapt, and repurpose these bubbles of realities as never-ending. As mentioned in the Hermetic principles, "Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates." Change is constant. This series explores the patterns and cycles of change we all experience. The shelf life of derived truths and its expirations.
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