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A+ Art Blog 2024
PATRICIA FRISCHER, the coordinator of the San Diego Visual Arts Network, writes these occasional notes. These blogs are now available at this link where you can comment back.To leave a comment about this blog or see other comments, please go to the A+ Art Blog Spot Link. and/or add commnents on our Picked RAW Peeled blog site.

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Archived A+ Art Blogs

Current and Past 2024 A+Art Blogs

Public Art: A cry from the heart.
Affordable Housing for Artists in your Cultural Districts and Patricia Frischer, Woman of Impact 2024
Silent Conversations
Why weren’t we asked?
2024 State of the Arts

Public Art: A cry from the heart

The Encinitas City Council approved two of Deanne Sabeck's glass and metal sculptures in a meeting at the beginning of April. One will go at the entrance to Oakcrest Park at 1219 Encinitas Blvd and the other at the southeast corner of Newcastle Avenue and Liverpool Drive in Cardiff by the Sea, across the street from the Cardiff Library. Both of these works, that were presented anonymously to the public, got very high ratings. Another sculpture by Peter Mitten was accepted for placement at the new Pacific View Arts Center that will open later this year as well as Bunny Serenade by Adrian Litman for the pad at Little Oaks Equestrian Park in Olivenhain on Lone Jack Road.

But two other sites will remain empty. The Encinitas Commission for Arts and Culture chose other art works for these sites taking into consideration the public comments and ratings, but the council deemed to decide for what might be personal reasons, that these artists were not suitable, ignoring the recommendation of their professional body of experts.

This is not an isolated problem. Cities with no art master plans and cities with no coherent public art plan often run into divided opinions about how art in the public realm should be chosen and funded. We have seen examples of how major works of art by renowned creators are turned away by cautious politicians who are out of their league when judging art. The latest fiasco was in Del Mar when the Isamu Noguchi’s sculpture worth half a million dollars was rejected.READ MORE


Affordable Housing for Artists in your Cultural Districts and Patricia Frischer, Woman of Impact 2024

The new AB 812 bill approved Oct 11 by the governor and authored by Tasha Boerner allows cities and/or counties to give up to 10% of its very low, low, or moderate-income housing to eligible artists as long as they are within one-half mile from a state-designated cultural district or within a locally designated cultural district if certain income and occupation conditions are met.

We asked Edwin Borbon, Legislative Director for the office of Assemblymember Tasha Boerner to clarify a number of questions we had.  He gave me a very complete explanation which helped me understand so much more clearly about AB 812. We think this is valuable information especially as it clarifies that any city can designate a cultural district. This does not have to be a state designation. And that any city that wants to avail themselves of having artists present in their low income housing projects, a known way to elevate the value of the area, can avail themselves of this 10% advantage.READ MORE

Silent Conversations

Front Porch Gallery , in collaboration with  Surfing Madonna Oceans Project is holding the fourth annual  Save the Ocean art and poetry exhibition through Feb. 29, 2024. In conjunction with this exhibition, a Ekphrastic Poetry Writing and Collage Workshop was held. That means the poetry is inspired by a work of art and that part of the workshop was led convincingly by Dr. Marit Anderson. Cathy Carey, the new Director of the Front Porch Gallery, led the collage component. READ MORE

Why weren’t we asked?

The big question is always how do I get funding or help for my cause? Although the answer is often “get involved”, the feeling is often ‘why weren’t we asked?”.

So I am going to spell it out here. To get involved you have to volunteer your time, energy or even some inkind service. You don’t wait to be asked. You seek out opportunities to collaborate. When you volunteer you meet other committee members and volunteers and you get to really know them if you make an effort. You can then start to create a network of advisors and supporters.

You find out about volunteer opportunities and calls for by reading newsletters and social media. So you have to sign up for those from groups that interest you and you have to actually read those newsletters. (like the twice monthly SDVAN message: sign up now if you have done so). But you don’t have to wait for a call for volunteers/artists, you can suggest a gap that you see that you could fill. You could have a vision for a strategic plan. You could write up a report for use in a grant. You could curate am exhibition. You might even be able to collaborate with that organization to do a joint grant.

And I am not talking about just arts organizations, but also civic agencies and not even just arts commissions but maybe public safety commissions or planning commissions. You could join the local tourist association or the chamber of commerce.

This all takes time and effort, and you have to be willing to give in order to get. Never wait to be asked or you will end up asking, Why weren’t we asked?”

2024 State of the Arts

There are environmental disasters, financial uncertainty with high inflation, post COVID impact and ongoing wars in the Ukraine and Israel/Palestine as well as a controversial upcoming election, is CRISIS also the defining word of the state of the arts?

In San Diego, we have two fabulous new developments. The county came together to produce the first county wide AEP6 Arts and Economic Prosperity report (joint public presentation of results on Jan 24, 10 – 12:30 at MOPA) and the county supervisors approved the formation of a new Commission of Arts and Culture which is well on its way to producing a strategic plan. READ MORE


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Archived A+ Art Blog

2023 past A+ Art Blogs including:
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2020 past A+ Art Blogs including
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2019 past A+ Art Blogs including
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The Cotwolds: Purton and Cirencester

Modern Couples at the Barbican
Great Big Indian Wedding: Cultural event that ends my year!
India: Monuments and Museums

India: Modern and Contemporary Art

Barnsley House Hotel and Spa

State of Mind, State of the Arts, 2019

2018 past A+ Art Blogs including
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VOTE Like your life depended on it
Ten Reason to Support the Arts
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Outside Mullingar from the Oceanside Theater Co. at Brooks Historic Thea

2017 past A+ Art Blogs including:
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Walker Art Center, Weisman Art Museum in Minneapolis and The Broad in LA

State of the Arts/State of the Website 2017

I matter
Off with the new, on with the old
Empowering Advocacy

2016 Past A+Art Blogs including
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Annual San Diego Tourism Authority (SDTA) Workshop
Can Falling Behind, Put You Ahead

2015 Past A+ Art Blog including
North County arts Network meeting at CCAE in Escondido
True Collaboration Means Sharing Credit
Why San Diego needs an County Arts Council
Hobby Store Heaven
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Spoiled for Choice equals a Guilt Free Art Life
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In Praise of Saying Thank You
Maker’s Spaces
Art Makes things Strange : Looking at and Talking About Art
Thankful for STEM into STEAM
Your Donations Make a Difference

2014 Past A+ Art Blog including
Mural by Paola Villasenor at SDAI and Art Fair Miami
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London Journal 3:Today's Special: Pace Gallery, Tate Modern Matisse
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London Journal 6: Gilbert and George, Boyd and Evans, Anslem Kiefer and AI WEIWEI
A Call to Action
SD Fringe Festival Art Exhibition at Ten Street Art Center
ILLUSION: Nothing Is As It Seems at the Ruben H. Fleet Science Museum
Deborah DeLisi and One Minute Mandalas at SDVAN sponsored Mission Federal ArtWalk
DNA of Creativity Introduction at Oceanside Museum of Art
Notes on Aesthetics and Authenticity Symposium
SD Art Prize has its roots in the Turner Prize

2013 Past A+Art Blog including
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San Diego Incubator for Innovation
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London Art Newsletter 2013

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Palm Springs Art Fair, Feb, 2013
Corporate Collecting Book Review, Jan 2013

2012 Past A+Art Blog including
Art of Science, Science of Art
Holistic Education
San Diego Steps It Up
Art Spaces for Art Places

Curated Exhibitons/OMA New Director
TED Speak: Introducing SDVAN View Art Now App
Augmented Realty
Big Art Big Bucks
Three Things You Can Do to Help the Art World

United Councils of San Diego?
Thank you to Dennis Paul Batt

New Horizons in SD Art

2011 Past A+Art Blog including

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Los Angeles Contemporary Art Fair 2011 in under 2 minutes!

2010 Past A+Art Blog including

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2009 Past A+ Art Blogs including
London and the Venice Biennial, 2009
Meet the Press
Beyond the Borders International Art (BTBIAF)
Interpersonal Theory of Art: Little & Large community phenomenon and the museum exhibition, Calder Jewelry at SDMA
Little and Large Launch
Little & Large Introduciton
The Recycling Buzz
Economic Realities for the arts in May 2009
Seven volunteer Inspried Visual Arts Projects
Snapshot – One women’s personal views on Changing Perspectives in the San Diego Art Scene: Notes from the panel discussion
The Economy and Affordable Live/Work Spaces
State of the Arts 2009

2008 Past A+ Art Blogs including
State of the Arts 2008
Hungry for Chinese Art?
Eat Your Art Out plus John Baldessari conversation with Hugh Davies
London Burning: A Damien Hirst Update
SD Flash Forward; Movers and Shakers Speak Out
Museum Trends: NY Times Cliff Notes
London Newsletter 2008
Art Collecting Clubs Part II
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Poopielickles for All: attending Art Fairs in LA
Reading the Zines for Good Ideas, Feb 2008

Changing Power Base: State of the Arts 2008

2007 Past A+ Art Blogs including
Burnished by Fire: Stories of Firestorm, November 2007
The What and the How and the Wow, October, 2007
Careerist Artist, September, 2007
Non-Profit is not a Free Ride, July 2007
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Critical Issues Facing the Arts, March, 2007 – The James Irvine Foundation, September 2006 summary
Letter from London Dec 2006 - Feb 2007
State of the Arts Jan 2007

2006 Past A+ Art Blogs
Crossover: How Artists Build Careers
Art and Wine Tour of Northern CA- October, 2006

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Vacation Art-July, 2006

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Artistic Freedoms- May 2006
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Building Market Share - March, 2006
Glass to Go - February, 2006
Collectors on Show - January, 2006

PATRICIA FRISCHER, author of "The Artist and the Art of Marketing" has lectured extensively on marketing for artists. She is a trainer of artists’ agents, art dealers, consultant and collectors. Frischer has taken on the roles of gallerist, curator, writer, teacher, website coordinator and artist. Her many metamorphoses make her difficult to fit into any of the usual art world categories. She is a founding member and coordinator of the San Diego Visual Arts Network, ( ) which funds the SD Art Prize, directory and events calendar and SmART Collector features. Her own artwork  ( ) has been shown internationally and her most recent one person show was at Oxford University.

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