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Resource Name HEAL- Homeless Empowerment thr
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Telephone 6194850607
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Contact Alexandra Cochran  
Resource Description
HEALís mission is to empower individuals affected by homelessness through a focus on art and building leadership skills in a safe, inclusive space. Our Mobile Art Studio allows us to serve a wide range of individuals, both sheltered and unsheltered utilizing public parks, city and county public libraries, and homeless service facilities. HEAL provides an array of visual art and jewelry making supplies for the artists to create with. We aim to give this moment of self-determination and empowerment to individuals who daily lives may not often reflect that. Art shows and installations are a time for the artists to shine. They get to interact with the housedl public in a positive way that gives them a chance to build understanding, empathy, and bring the community together. The shows are also our biggest source of art sales. In 2017 HEAL sold 43 drawings, paintings, and multimedia collages created by talented men and women affected by homelessness. Art sales provide the artists with a massive confidence boost and a confirmation that they have value, talent, and the ability to contribute to the community in a meaningful way. We provide these empowering opportunities for personal growth as well as a necessary outlet to combat the hardships which coincide with homelessness in order to make meaningful and positive changes in the artistís lives.
Opportunity Description
HEAL is seeking to expand and develop by adding new voices to the organization's direction as members of the Board of Directors. The ideal candidate is an expert specific to fields relating to art, homelessness, or social services, a donor committed to the cause, or a community leader able to attract support. We hope building a strong Board will aid in realizing our vision of a strong and supportive community of creative housed and unhoused individuals that encourages basic dignity, lessens the effects of stigma, and eases the recovery process and transition into housing. Please send resumes or letters of inquiry to before 8/27/2018.
Language English
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