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Drive-In Exhibition Call for Artists
Resource Name San Diego Mesa College Art Gal
Address FA103, 7250 Mesa College
City San Diego
State CA
Zip 92111
Location All
Telephone 619.388.2829
Web Site
Contact Alessandra Moctezuma  
Resource Description
A Call for Artists for an exhibit curated by the San Diego Mesa College Museum Studies class under the supervision of Professor Moctezuma. Artwork will be on display outdoors in the college Parking Lot 1 by the Marlesta entrance to the campus and in front of the Art Gallery/Fine Arts building. Provide an image proposal to be either painted or printed on banner material provided by the Mesa College Gallery. The banner size is 36” x 60” (3 feet by 5 feet) and will be hung vertically or horizontally. Banners can be painted, mixed media, or you can submit a photo or digital image and the Gallery will print it. Another option is to propose a sculpture that would be self-standing without requirements of attachments and secure. Other type of installations such as yarn, can be proposed if they can be ready to install and are dropped off. (No artists will be allowed to be on campus to install work.) Disclaimer: Sculptures and artwork will be exposed to elements. The campus is safe but we can’t guarantee that artwork won’t be tampered with or taken. Think of these artwork as temporary and ephemeral. Our insurance will not cover these artworks because they are not being shown in the secure gallery. But ideally our plan is to return the work to the artist at the end of the exhibit. Also, because of the current Covid-19 situation, this exhibition could be cancelled at any time. If it’s cancelled we will work with class to create a virtual gallery website. Eligibility: -NO FEES to submit. -Open to local artists for work that will be painted/done on the banner and will be dropped off. -Open to all artists from any region for works that are digital and printed by gallery. (At the end of the exhibit we can not mail the printed works to artist outside of San Diego unless the artist pays for shipping.) -Media limited to: painted or collaged/sewn onto banner material provided, digital to be printed on banner material by gallery staff. Sculptures ephemeral self-standing/ fiber or other art installations that can withstand elements and be dropped off for gallery staff installation. -Banner material will be provided artist must create work to fit the banner material (3 feet by 5 feet) provided by the Gallery. -Sculptures have to be sized and within a weight that can be moved by one person. (up to 60 lbs). Sculptures have to be sturdy and be able to stand securely. -Artists will be responsible for all costs associated with producing/transporting their work, except if it’s a digital image. If it’s a digital image we will cover the cost to print. Guidelines to submit for Call for Artists -Fill out information below. -Up to 2 proposals per artist. -Artworks have to be completed for the exhibition. -Final selected digital work deadline November 1. -Final selected physical artwork deadline November 9. About Us: This exhibit is being curated by the Museum Studies advanced class at San Diego Mesa College under the direction of Professor Alessandra Moctezuma. Find us on Facebook: San Diego Mesa College Museum Studies or Instagram: @sdmesacollege_gallery for updates. Go to FB to view past exhibit examples under the “Events” section. Questions? Email: Because of the unusual times we are living in, this is not a typical art exhibition. Feel free to contact us with questions, clarifications or concerns. Image design credit:
Opportunity Description
Venue: San Diego Mesa College (exhibit will be outdoors in parking lot 1 by Marlesta entrance) Deadlines: Please submit materials by midnight, Tuesday, September 15, 2020. Notification: Selected artists will be notified by Sunday, September 20, 2020. For digital works - Submittal of files: Sunday, November 1, Midnight. For paintings/sculptures/installations - Delivery of Work: Monday, November 9. Exhibition Dates: November 14 –TBD end date Reception: Saturday, November 14, 1 – 4 pm (following safe distancing guidelines.) Link to Submit proposal:
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