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Yourself with ART: Collecting Secrets Revealed


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SmART Collector: Collecting Secrets Revealed
at the SDAI May 31, June 21 and July 26, 2006

Get Intimate with the Basics
With Patricia Frischer - An overview of collecting art and prices - demystifying the visual art market, what it means to collect art, identify the collector's attractions, what to expect to pay for original artwork

Head, Heart and Soul
With Patricia Frischer and Joan Seifried - What's hot and in vogue in collecting art today - trends in media and styles, emerging artists, established artists, Baja Norte, photography, what to look for in art

The Allure of the Marketplace
With Patricia Frischer - How to find art for your collection - researching art galleries, art fairs and art expos, alternative venues, artists, commissioning custom artwork, mentors

Arouse Yourself with ART: Collecting Secrets Revealed at Galerie d'Art International
Wednesday August 10th and 17th, 2005

Click here to see the program for this first event

Brought to you at no charge by SAN DIEGO VISUAL ARTS NETWORK As part of the

Session #1:
“Get Intimate with the Basics"
In these interactive sessions would be collectors will have a chance to identify their attractions, meet selected artists and collectors, learn about pricing and, generally, demystifying the visual art market.

Session #2:
“Head, Heart, Soul the perfect Climax”
This second session includes information on how to “expose yourself” to more visual art, finding emerging and established artists’ work, and involving their kids in the art buying process. The grand culmination of the evening will be an exciting mock auction and the final choice of art works to be purchased by our expert collector panel.

We were proud to present entertainment for all evenings of the first Arouse event by

PRUITT IGOE - cd now available
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Two special exhibitons accompanied the first event at Galerie d'Art International

Lauren Carrera, Sergio Camin,
Harrison Howard
, Fred Van Ormer,
Susan Schmidt

Hear the ArtRocks! interview with Harrison Howard

selected by our art collector panelists
Ann Berchtold and Larry Poteet

Blaine Fontana
, Matt Forderer,
Pamela Jaeger
, Tim McCormick,
Alejandro Martínez-Peña

Please click for Photographs by Lara Larramendi

Arouse Report by Theresa de Mol

Emerging Artist selected by our collector panelist
By Maria Palma


Arouse Report Part Two, Aug 17, 2005
by Theresa de Mol

I've just returned feeling supercharged from yet another
San Diego Visual Arts Network sponsored event.  It was once again held at the Galerie D' Art International, located in the Designer District on Cedros in Solana Beach. This was the second of three sessions designed to familiarize novice art collectors with where to look and what to look for.  It's ancillary purpose is to educate artists about what is selling and who is buying so that they may develop strategies to better position themselves on the path to

Before I begin my recap of this evening's discussion, I have one question to ask those of you who weren't there:  Where the heck were you?  If you are an artist with high aspirations, then in my book, there is only one legitimate excuse for not attending and that is you were right in the middle of creating.  If you have any other excuse, I don't want to hear it.  'Nuf said.

The session began with Darwin Sindlee's "Post it and slap it"
brainstorming exercise, for which we were all given post it notes and asked to write down 2-3 ways or places where you can expose yourself to more art.  Sindlee tossed out the first
suggestion: "Marry an Artist" which is precisely what he did. 
Another guest suggestion was to become involved with the San Diego Visual Arts Network.  A complete list of everyone's suggestions will soon be posted on their website. 

Next up, the woman who is the driving force behind and Ann Berchtold, spoke of the importance of involving kids in collecting.  She has two children, ages four and seven.  Her four year old collect crystals and her seven year old collects trading cards. And she makes sure they both get included in the selection process for mommy's art purchases.  

After that, Joan Seifried, certified appraiser of fine arts and antiques, and evidently a dynamite auctioneer talked about the auction process, painting a vivid picture of what it's like to attend a real live auction.  She described it as a social event where "we're looking at each other's clothes, jewelry, boyfriends, handbags..."   

Speaking of dress, she later informed us that it's not the flashy dresser, but rather the "guy in back with the tie holding up his faded jeans" that you've gotta watch out for.  He's the one who's loaded. 

The presentation culminated with a mock auction of real artwork.  Including a Degas valued at over $250,000.  If you've got the cash and would like the chance to purchase real art with real money, be sure to attend next week's final session, same time, same place. Unfortunately, I won't be there.  My excuse?  I'll be in Tahoe, probably on a dinner cruise, cursing my misfortune for not being able to attend, and thus giving someone else the opportunity to write this review. 

Arouse Report Part One, Aug 10, 2005
by Theresa de Mol

I just got back from tonight's panel discussion at the Galerie d'Art International located in the Designer District on Cedros in Solana Beach.  The program was put on by the San Diego Visual Arts Network and the topic for the evening was geared towards wanna-be collectores, giving tips on how to collect art and which artists to collect. 

Classically trained singers gave an avante garde performance outside, before the talk began just after 7pm with owner/director Filippo Floridia welcoming us to his gallery. 

Panelist Darwin H. Slindee, who holds a degree in physics from the University of Minnesota followed and really got the ball rolling when he posed and addressed the question:  How Do You Pick Art? According to Sindlee, it takes us approximately four seconds to decide whether or not we like a piece.  A group exercise proved his point as art images were flashed on several computer monitors and we were instructed to check the boxes of the pieces we liked. 

The mike was then passed to Patricia Frischer, co-ordinator and founding member of the San Diego Visual Arts Network, who along with certified fine arts appraiser, Joan Seifried carried on a fast-paced dialogue regarding pricing.  According to Siefried, price is determined by rareity, style, size--yes, apparently it does matter,  along with the artists resume.  Where they have shown in the past--solo shows, group shows, museum collections...  Who were their teachers, what awards have they won. All of this must be carefully evaluated.

Additionally, while the value of old masters works can generally be determined by recent auction sales, perception is key in how contemporary artists works are valued.  There must be a buzz. What do the critiques say about their work?  What do their peers think?  

"One does not marry art, one ravishes it." 

The discussion concluded with tips from 2 serious collectors, Ann Berchtold and attorney Larry Poteet.  Ann says she looks for art that "gets under my skin" and "haunts me."  She is comfortable collecting works in the $1,000 range which grabs her attention, makes her in some way feel connected to the artist, and finally shows some promise of increasing in value.  She doesn't rely so much on the artist's resume as how passionate they appear to be about their art. 

Larry Poteet has been collecting art for a bit longer than Ann and gives more weight to the artist's resume.  He also looks for technical proficiency, unique vision, and evidence that the artist is in it for the long haul.  He looks for emerging artists in publications such as Juxtaposed magazine, galleries--like the Muse, in Hillcrest where he happened upon their works of Tim Mc Cormick and Pamela Jaeger, as well as coffeehouses and over the internet. 

I had a great time, did a fair amount of networking and recruited Lauren Carerra and Pamela Jaeger for "Women On Top"--the show I'm putting together for the Women's History Museum in September. 

The next discussion is scheduled for August 17th, same time, same place.  Perhaps I'll see you there. 
Theresa de Mol

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Emerging Artist selected by our collector panelist
By Maria Palma

Collectors play a pivotal role in the art world. To become a true collector, you must visit art galleries/auctions, look at as much art as you can, talk to artists, and educate yourself. Also, talking with other collectors creates a synergy and excitement about art.

The art collector panelists for the Arouse event were Ann Berchtold and Larry Poteet who offered their criteria on choosing art for their personal collections. Ann and Larry also chose the artists to be represented for this event. These emerging artists include Blaine Fontana, Matt Forderer, Pamela Jaeger, Tim McCormick, and Alejandro Martinez-Pena.

Blaine Fontana is a full-time artist who has a background in graphic design, photography, sculpture and life drawing. With a BFA in Communication Art/Design, Blaine has an extensive work experience doing different types of art for many companies and shows his art throughout the nation. His work is abstract in nature, but contains figurative as well as natural elements.

Matt Forderer is a self-taught artist whose work is inspired by the original surrealists. His paintings and collages portray his fondness of nature and are filled with symbolism. Forderer encourages the viewer to contemplate and think outside the box.

Beauty and fashion are elements in Pamela Jaeger’s paintings. Pamela has a degree in graphic design, but also studied drawing, painting, color theory, and costuming. Her paintings are fun and whimsical portraits that appeal to all ages.

Tim McCormick’s love for art is evident in his paintings. He paints everyday and his works emanate from the heart with no goal or plan of what it will look like in the end. Tim’s art has been shown in numerous galleries and venues throughout California and the U.S.

A native of Monterrey, Mexico, Alejandro Martinez-Pena studied architecture and then went on to study in Italy and Tijuana. He has taken many workshops in graphics and paints. Alejandro’s paintings are bright and colorful abstracts that convey figures and fluid lines.

Ann and Larry chose these artists to display their pieces for this particular event because of their unique vision and style. Through their works you can see that these artists are dedicated to their art and that they will be around in the art world for many years to come.
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