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The San Diego Visual Arts Network Provides a Resource Directory and an Events Calendar submitted and updated by the regional visual arts community. Our Goal is to provide art promoters and enthusiasts access to regularly updated information about the San Diego visual arts Scene.

Simply follow these instructions and you can submit your artist details on our site. It is only with your use of this site that it fulfills it's mission to re-enforce the idea that the Visual Arts are a necessary and vital part of the health of our city.

Here is what you do to list on SDVAN :

  • Go to Resource Log in
  • Click on Artist, click HERE to list your details and on that page ignore the user name and password boxes
  • OR Click on Artist Sign Up on the menu bar on the left
  • Fill in the submission form - make sure you fill in all the required boxes. You can check more than one medium. Choose your own user name and password and make sure and remember it. You will need it in the future. You need an email address and a website that shows some of your work even if it is not your own domain website. When finished click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page.

To see your listing.

  • Go to Find an artist or click Find an artists on the left Quick Site Links of each page
  • Click on the last initial of your name Or check the medium boxes
  • Click submit at the bottom of the page

To list or edit an event

  • Click on "Resource Log in" on the menu bar at the top of each page
  • Put in your user name and password, click submit
  • Click on Event Listing
  • Click on Add Event  to add an event. Fill in the form where your contact details will be pre-entered to make this faster for you. Remember to list your area of town so that your event can be found on our new View Art Now App
  • or to edit your events: Click to "Review my events"  or click on the date of your event on the calendar
  • Click on modify to edit. Or there is an option to delete
  • Click "add record" when you have finished editing or entering the event
  • To see your event, refresh the calendar. Click on the date of the event. when the screen appears. You have an option to modify or delete your event from this screen as well
  • REMINDER – when posting a competition or jury show or any call for artists on SDVAN, make sure and enter the registration dates for application as the ending date of the event listing and click COMPETITION/Juried show as the type of event. Artists can search by Competition to find all the open exhibition in this way.  Make an additional separate listing for the actual show dates.Also list the call for artists on our opportunity section for a double chance to attract participants.
  • REMINDER – If your opening day is different than your reception date, you need to make a one day listing for the opening reception.
  • NEW and Improved: To add an image to your event listing. We now have a line item to browse your own computer and choose an image. Your image no longer needs to be online before adding it to your event.
To list or edit a paid or volunteer opportunity
  • Go to Resource Log in
  • Put in your user name and password, click submit
  • Click on Opportunity
  • Click Submit an Opportunity or
  • Click under options on "Edit" (other choices are view or delete)
Important Reminder - when posting a CALL FOR ARTISTS on SDVAN:  
  • Click on "Art Resource Log in" on the menu bar at the top of each page
  • Put in your user name and password, click submit
  • Click on Opportunity
  • Click Submit an Opportunity
  • Fill in the form putting in as much information as you can about the competition. 
  • Remember to click on Artists for Skills needed
  • Add "Call for Artist" or something similar in the title of your opportunity to make it easy to find
  • Give your application deadline date as the closing date on this form.
  • Add a note of the fee if there is one.   It is a good idea to add if membership is required and if that fee is more than the member's fee.
  • You do not need to click a choice for position 
  • To edit click under options on "Edit" (other choices are view or delete)
  • Fill in the form and when finished click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page for Artists"
  • MAKE A SEPARATE EVENT LISTING to announce the show as an event for the public. For Type of Event - make sure and click "exhibition" 

ARTISTS - To find a Competition/Juried show

  • Please click on  Find An Opportunities
  • Choose Artists from the Skills Needed search feature
  • Click submit

That's it. You are done. There are no image submissions for artists as we feel that the arts organizations and galleries do a good job of representing artists in this way on their websites.

We would really appreciate it if you would put a link on your website for SDVAN at You become a spokesperson for the site by your listing and we would appreciate you spreading the word.

This wonderful service is free, but please consider the $25 donation that we are recommending for the directory listing and $5 donation for each listing on our events calendar. We also recommend minimum $25 donation for events to appear on our home page as a featured event.

Send donations to SDVAN at 2487 Montgomery Avenue, Cardiff by the Sea, CA 92007 or go to donate online (Please note, we have non-profit status so your donation is tax deductible.) 

For more information contact or call 760 943 0148

Artist Banners. On occassion we have open submission for banners for the home page of the site. We announce this in our monthly message. If you want to submit a banner image, make sure that you are already listed as an artist on the site. Go to Art Resource and log in and click banner submission. The deadlines and themes are stated and there if a differnet theme for each banner. You can summit for remaining theme all at once or space your submissions but only one submission for each theme. See past banners here

Please note: The San Diego Visual Arts Network does not endorse or in any way guarantee the services of the art resources listed in the directory. Listings have been vetted for appropriateness to the site only. See Legal Disclaimer.