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The San Diego Visual Arts Network is grateful for the following kind words:

Assemblymember Tasha Boerner of the 77 th District selected Patricia Frischer as her annual 2024 Women of Impact forArts and Culture Award for her work with San Diego Visual Arts Network. The award highlights extraordinary women in the district in a variety of categories who are leaving lasting impacts. Her video speech starts at minute 18.

Thank you for accumulating and providing this valuable arts and community information. "Culture provides a public place for discussion." What you do is encapsulated in that closing statement. Again, thank you.
Catherine Ruane, 2024

Thank you for all that you do! I love receiving your newsletter and staying in the loop about all things contemporary art in SD!
Marie Vickers. 2023

Your work has been important and foundational to elevate the visibility of the region’s visual artists.  The honor is mine to build on what you have accomplished.
Jonathon Glus, City of San Diego, Commission for Arts and Culture, 2022

I just wanted to say thank you so much Patricia for being so understanding and supportive today! It has been a real pleasure working with you these three years and having your kind and patient mentoring through the thick and thin. Thank you so much for encouraging me to run with new ideas and supporting me during the tough times. Thank you so much for inviting me to take this position and for believing in me through these past three years. It has been so rewarding and an honor to work with you on the evolution of the prize.

Chi Essary, 2022

The ART PRIZE is a great San Diego County program and we are proud to have participation with and connections to two of the selected honorees.  
Alan Ziter, Executive Director NTC Foundation March, 2021

I have been reading your SDVAN posts for several years and have always found it interesting, and the best art resource in SD.
Smadar Samson, Creative Products Jan, 2021

I love all your e-mails and announcements. Happy New Year and a new beginning and keep up all the things you are doing. You are a godsend for all of us.
Erika Torri, Athenaeum Music and Art Gallery, Dec 2020

Thank you so much for all you’ve done and given to bring new leadership to San Diego county.
Terra Lawson Remer, SD County Supervisor
Nov, 2020

Thanks for all you do.
Toni Robbins, New Children’s Museum Oct, 2020

We appreciate you and all of the work you continue to do to enhance, enrich and embolden artists' and art-related organizations as they move forward.
Gerda Govine, Sept, 2020

Thanks, Patricia, for your years of dedication to serving our local art community.
Sidney Wildesmith, Sept 2020

Thank you so much, Patricia!  The preparation for this exhibition has been a cathartic experience, and I’m so grateful for this opportunity to one of the artists of the SD Art Prize.
Kaori Fukuyama Sept, 2020

Your enthusiasm and support of our organization is so appreciated!  ...Your wisdom and counsel too!
Patty Smith, ArtBusXpress August, 2020

Thank you for the kind note about my work!  I feel grateful during this time to have some wonderful supporters...and feel compelled to work with teens and adults in a process of healing through art.  Your newsletter has provided a lot of comfort during this a reminder that the spirit of artists always prevails...and to see the good action within the community.  Thank you for all that you do! With Peace,
Kelly Mellos July, 2020

Thanks so much for bringing so much attention to MOMENTUM and Brain Candy on this newsletter. Your support means a lot! Sending all my best to you and your loved ones,
Susanna Peredo Swap, Founder & Executive Director VANGUARD CULTURE, July, 2020

You are doing such a GREAT FANTASTIC job ! I truly congratulate you.
 Becky Guttin  March, 2020

Thank you for this wealth of information. I saw many opportunities that I will follow through with soon.
Josie Rodriguez
July, 2019

We looked at the new SDVAN and, lo, there is "Moon Flowers"!  You are so kind to include our September tableau in your highly original and much needed online showcase for the visual arts in this county. Keep up the great work!
Jack and Helen Ofield, New Pacific Productions Sept, 2018

Thank you, Dear Patricia, for all you do for the arts in San Diego! It meant a lot to me for you to give us coverage.
Angela Jackson, Sept, 2018

Your leadership in expanding and promoting the San Diego Arts Community with SDVAN, and your energetic work encouraging individual artists lifts many artists like myself, having come from an era when there was no playbook at all for moving forward with one’s self and one’s work. I am glad that you have persisted over time and continue to be an innovative and visionary creative force in our region.
Jeanne Dunn, July 3018

What a lot of info you provide each month. Impressive!....thank you for the nice words about my darling Larry, who always makes me proud. and... thank you for all your hard work.
Tom Noel, Noel Baza Gallery Feb, 2018

I just wanted you to know what a wonder filled experience I had inside your beautiful peaceful sea.(Sea Changes: Act at Oceanside Museum of Art, part of the DNA of Creativity project) I was anticipating breast cancer surgery that week and your amazing installation was a place that I could safely go to be at peace during the before and after my surgery.  I am ok and everything turned out positive for my recovery. I will continue to visit this wonderful space anytime I want too feel safe and at peace.Thank you for this gift of your art and stunning creativity.
Sally Pearce, Artist, June 2014

Your site is amazing. Keep it up!
Valerie Henderson, artist, June 2014

Thank you for listing my "Fit to be Tide" exhibition...pivotal support for local art events, very much appreciated!
Georgia Laris, artist, June 2014

I enjoyed so much the entire event (DNA of Creavity, PAMM evening), the amazing arts, your positive attitude and your final questions and answers and the chocolate too!!! I feel very special to be part of such anamazing group of people.I hope we can collaborate soon on a new project or a new phase of this one.Please keep me posted with your next event and everything art related you will be doing.Thank you so much for everything!
Anitquark, performance June 2014

On behalf of OMA, we loved the program/exhibition partnership and it was a very stimulating program. Thank you for all of your shared talents and collaborative spirit over the many months of this partnership.
Daniel Foster, director, Oceanside Museum of Art , 2014

Bravo to all of you beautiful people,  Patricia for conceiving of this idea (DNA of Creativity),  Danielle for accepting it into the museum and  to all of the wonderful team members a  big round of applause too! I feel great pride in being a small part of this wonderful thing that has been created.Thanks for including me!
Debb Solan, artist, April 2014

Thank you for all the amazing opportunities that you present to me and get me involved in. I truly appreciate it.
Rosemary KimBal, artist, April 2014

At our Featured Artist preview event o we will be recognizing a few community members for their contribution not just to our event, but to the artist community in SD.  We would like to honor you in this way. You do so much for the artists in San Diego and the arts community as a whole, I cannot think of a more deserving individua!
Sandi Cottrell, Art Walk Jan, 2014 First Annual Arty Award!

You are an amazing resource! This helps tremendously.
Karen McGuire, Cannon Gallery, Sept, 2013

I appreciate your posting all of these notifications...It's really an important service you provide to the artist community so please know you are very much appreciated!
Francine Felsinger, artist, Sept.2013

Thank you kindly for our meeting yesterday. It was insightful, inspirational and  helpful.  I appreciate you taking the time to take me under your wing. I enjoyed your ideas. Grateful for the leads you provided.
Elizabeth Hahn, Art Pulse, July, 2013

Thank you so much for taking the time to put this extensive list together.  You are such a pro. I really appreciate it. Glad to know there are so many women artists and experts.
Ashley Gardener, Women's History Museum, July 2013

I am still reeling from the excitement and thrill of the event! (Eat Your Art Out, P2P)I had NO idea it was going to be so clever, so creative, so fun and so entertaining. You really did a stupendous job!!!!!!!! And the food…. Who would have thought that through all of the art and the blanks to beauty and the tables and the artists running around … that the food would be so wonderful? The soup, the paella, the cheeses and salad, the cookies hanging from the umbrellas. Every morsel DELICIOUS AND OUTSTANDING! I mean really outstanding! Oh, and the band was top drawer!!! My table mate, Ben Niiler, danced my arms off! Once again, my hats off to you and the team you assembled.
Portia La Touche, May 2013

I wanted to let you know Young Audiences secured a volunteer coord from your SDVAN post for volunteer ops.  They are thrilled.  Thanks!
Thomine Wilson, April, 2013

I wanted to send you a note of gratitude saying THANK YOU so much for writing the wonderful article about my presenation at Robin Lipman's. It was very well written, most informative, and a great perk for my work. I really apprciate it and am truly honored
Kim EmersonApril 2013

Thank you so much for your help on my listing with SDVAN, and on your informative and inspirational presentation last night. It was a great benefit to me
Lola Juris, artist, Nov 2012

You have helped me in many more ways that you can imagine.
William Lesley, March 2012

I find your efforts REALLY a county treasure.
Kaz Maslanka, engineer and artist, Feb 2012

Thank you very much for the gift of your time and the warmth of your advice. I treasure knowing women like you. 
Dana Springs, Dec, 2011

My artist profile got me a small commission out of San Franciso, Thanks so much.
Sean Brennan, artist, Nov 2011

A new comment on your post "Picked RAW Peeled: From El Greco to Dali"Great reporting!
Kevin Freitas, July 2011

Thank you for the kind support and the nice exposure : that is super super nice : thank you
Mark Murphy, Murphy Designs,June 2011

It really was wonderful working with you. Your clear vision and directions made the project a pleasant experience.
Fei Zhou, May, 2011

Art Meet Fashion was a fantastic project and I just wanted to let you know how wonderful of a time I had being a part of it.  You are both wonderful to work with and share the amazing capability of gathering a large (!!) group of people together to collaborate and support one another towards a common goal.  The entire project was completed with such ease and organization that any "surprises"  were handled with grace and efficiency.  It is no wonder you have such a large network of volunteers who are always on hand to help out with any project that SDVAN is working on; it is because of you!!
Dupuis, April 2011

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to nominate artists for the SD Art Prize. I look forward to hearing who the winners are and applaud you for the wonderful job you do to encourage our artistic community.
Alessandra Moctzuma, Mesa College Gallery, Nov 2010

You have so much energy! Blogging, organizing, thinking, creating, doing, delegating.
Constance White, SD International Airport Arts Program, Nov 2010

You are truly a gem. Thanks so much for organizing a wonderful short vacation to Mexico. Seriously, Harvey and I felt as if we had enjoyed a short trip to a foreign country. We have not had the opportunity to visit Mexico for over two years. We now realize how much we miss our neighbors to the south.
Karen Fox, collector, Oct, 2010

I would like to sincerely thank you for playing such an important role in the success of ART SAN DIEGO 2010. The BUZZ in San Diego has been fantastic and everyone is excited for next year. Your enthusiasm from the beginning has been fantastic, and your promotion of the event both to colleagues, the SDVAN network, and friends has meant a lot to us.We are happy to have you as part of the ART SAN DIEGO family!
Ann Bertchtold, Art San Diego, Sept 2010

Yesterday I saw the New Contemporaries show. Congratulations on finding, yet again, a space to host the exhibition. I know that is not at all easy.I appreciate this selection of N. C. s as representative of the community at large – more so than any previous N. C. selection. As you know I have my own bias about being too heavy with UCSD fledglings. In this year’s group of contemporaries there are a large number of seasoned professionals – but they are all deserving and really represent the expertise that is in SD. I think having the dual wall statements about the artist and a statement from their selectors is a terrific amplification. Good for us that your energies are still vital and effective. Thanks for your considerable efforts and their obvious success.
Doug Simay, Simayspace, May 2010

THANK YOU!! Your write up and thanks to all involved was an excellent example of ‘establishing and growing relationships’ and remembering to say ‘thank you’ in my workshop. Brava!
Joseph Bennet, artist, Feb 2010

Patricia, that is so nicely done. I can not express to you how I admire you and your way of, apparently, pulling things off so seamlessly and without apparent effort and with no complaints. I think that this is true GENIUS
Jeffery Laudenslager, Dec 2009

Thank you for all that you do for the visual arts here. I, for one, greatly appreciate your many efforts.
Robert Pincus, Union Tribune, Dec, 2009

Thank you so much for your support and helping us spread the word!
Kathleen Crain, Scott White Contemporary Gallery, Sept, 2009

Thank you so much. We love your support.
Martha Ehringer, Sept, 2009 Mingei International Musuem

Thank you, and for all you're doing to help promote the artists of SD.  You know how good it feels to have you all rooting for us. 
Engels, July 2009

I just had to rave (enthusiastically) about you for creating and pulling-off a FANTABULOUS event.  The Little Large project is so cool and the Opening Night preview was definitely the “place to be!”  We loved being part of it.   Kudos and power to you for your vision and perseverance
Jacqueline Silverman, July 2009

Wonderful event last night!  Really terrific work organizing and coordinating. It was a great idea to tie in with the SDMA Calder exhibit and bring it to galleries throughout the region.  What a terrific idea for promoting our arts community - just brilliant! Congratulations and good wishes for continued success with this show!
Marti Krane, July 2009

Thanks. I can always count on you to get the word out to the artists. In fact, your organization is the most active and relevant artist-focused service organization in the region....
Felicia Shaw Feb 2009 SD Foundation
Many thanks.  As always, your efficiency is unparalleled.
Steve Gould, Nov 2008

I want to take this chance to express how much we appreciate the many activities we have been exposed to through SDVAN.  The energetic pursuit of organizing these activities, most recently the event in Tijuana, the dinners and the tour of the Bernar Venet exhibit, have really added an extra dimension to the cultural life here.
Alice Diamond Nov 2008

i've been associated with SDVAN for the last few years. SDVAN is a driving force in the San Diego artist community. SDVANrecognizes visual artists and brings together artists, arts and the community. SDVAN organizes events, creates venues and informs,educates and promotes the arts and artists in San Diego. it is an incredible venue for us all.
d.goth Sept 2008

Congratulations on creating a great arts website!
Jim Gilliam,Arts Administrator, City Manager's Office, City of Encinitas, Sept 2007 

I moved here one year ago and it takes time to settle down and make new contacts. I now have a new website, updated with my latest work, and I have a new business card (ordered online) and it looks great (I think!). That is why I feel ready to connect to some of the institutions here like SDVAN and I will keep in touch and definetely visit your "full with info" website often. And post something on the calendar when I participate in an event.
Best regards,
Michele Guieu July 2005

I just data entered some of my class info on the website and am so grateful for this wonderful venue! Its a great website, and so easy to enter the info, plus its on the site immediately. What a great service! Thank you so much. I'm having added to my own website. thank you again.
Nadine Spier July 5, 2005

It is a magnificent effort to organize the seemingly this one site you can find the most up to date information on any day's activity in the Arts via the Calendar. Then you can find your favorite artist or supplier...and if that is not enough you can go deeper and learn about How to Collect, How to Create a Collection,....there is more and more……
Rosemary KimBal March 15, 2005

This site is non-competitive and very co-operative. I want to promote that spirit everywhere we can to encourage cooperation with all art resources.
Jim Reeves March 15, 2005

Because the arts community is so spread out over a vast geographical area, SDVAN provide a cyber meeting space. This is place that creates a bridge to communicate, co-operate and create.
Ann Berchtold March 15, 2005

The Calendar is the most fun and most cool part of the site. Information right at hand all the time.
Dennis Batt March 15, 2005

The San Diego Visual Arts Network is the only window that I can use to schedule my calendar. It show everything.
Paul Vauchalet March 15, 2005

I believe that SDVAN is a very opportune and useful tool for the artists and the community. The wealth of information to be compiled in this database will supplement the capability of bringing us in contact with the public and fellow artists, to find pertinent information on exhibits, juried shows, venues to promote our art and is in itself an invaluable resource. The exposure of the artist to the community is essential for the cultural development of any society. SDVAN fulfills a gap in the visual arts community of San Diego.
Joe Villela, January 6, 2004

Your site is a wonderful idea! I'm not aware of any other site in San Diego offering such valuable service to local artists for free. The super-artists portals are SO expensive, it's difficult for struggling or emerging artists to join. For example, The ISPOT is almost $1,000 yearly. Also, keeping it local is a great boon for SD artists. With proper promotion and media coverage, it won't take long for local buyers to come here when looking for art. Thank you!
Sharon George January 28, 2004 and

Dear San Diego Visual Arts Network,
You are embarking on a fabulous project and I am eager to assist you in any way that I can! As a local San Diego artist who "re-engaged" in her passion for painting 2 and a half years ago, I found it difficult to find much collaborative information regarding local artistic suppliers, galleries, or associations anywhere, let alone on line. The Internet has become such an integral part of our daily lives and I'm thrilled to see an organization that not only understands this, but also is promoting it with its mission. Now, when one needs to find out what is happening in the San Diego art community, needs to find the best place to purchase material for their work, or desires to promote their artistic endeavors, all they need is one URL:! I believe that this is the start of a wonderful resource that will save so many of us an incredible amount of time and effort, and offer a wonderful and easy-access community for all of us! Thanks SDVAN!
Lisa C Roche October 3, 2003, Gypsy Creations

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