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Watch the video of our history: Celebrating the Arts

A+ Art Blog: Our Hats are Off to our Volunteers and Supporters! By Patricia Frischer

Our Double Decade Celebration promises a magical evening loaded with art, dance, DJ, Live music, silent auction and many more surprises…
Witness paella being prepared by Chef Javier Rubio from
San Diego Chefs Foundation.
Delicious food, fun and frivolity with purchase of your ticket.

Beer/wine $7 per glass/ bottle of wine $25 (Venmo/cash/credit card and ID please)
Valet Parking available on ticket site or at the venue ($10)

San Diego Visual Arts Network (SDVAN) and Synergy Arts Foundation (SAF)
are inviting you to celebrate our
20th Anniversary Celebration on
Saturday, September 16th, 2023 from 6 pm to 10 pm bbbbbbbbb
at Institute of Contemporary Art San Diego North
Rustic Garden Setting
1550 S. El Camino Real, Encinitas 92024

SDVAN and SAF combined to create the San Diego Synergy Arts Network in 2006 ,
but they both started as non-profits in 20 03 using a fiscal agent. SDVAN is a cheer leader for all things visual and SAF promotes artists helping artists in need. 
We have worked closely together and want this event to mark that extraordinary sister ly relationship. 

We are also looking for VOLUNTEERS to help with our plans to have a fabulous party on the night. Contact Patricia or Naomi or go directly to the SignUp Genius   if you want to become involved.

For full details of the event including all the ENTERTAINMENT


At this event we are presenting a memorial art show of the work of Dan Adams . If creativity is making something original and if an artist is someone who thinks outside of the box, if the quality of creativity is judged by authenticity, then Dan Adams is the consummate artist.Many of Dan’s very special small canvases will be for sale.


THE NEW NORMAL COOKBOOK 2021, our holiday gift to you with thanks for supporting the San Diego Visual Arts Network with Illustrated recipes by artists supporting SDVAN. The holiday season is definitely upon us and we are so happy. We are thankful that the arts are coming back strong. Enjoy your free copy of THE NEW NORMAL COOKBOOK, We might not be able to gather together to break bread, but we hope you enjoy these fun recipes and great images. 

Giving Tuesday Nov 30, our once a year donation campaign. Your donation made possible our brand new Virtual Events page to make sure you still have art even in lockdown plus the bi-monthly events digest emails, our ongoing events feature page and the rolling upcoming events on our home page as well as the SD Art Prize.

Don't forget:   Black Friday Nov 26 and  Cyber Monday  Nov 29  where you can shop  to make a donation to SDVAN with no cost to you,  Artist Sunday,  Nov 28 th (which is also Museum Store Sunday )

Our thanks to those contributions of recipes for the 2021 New Normal Cookbook:

Bibbi Lee – cook, author, translator of Norwegian texts, gardener – tells us how to shop once every two weeks and still present yummy goodies every day.
Cheryl Tall – ceramic artist, painter, art book creator – baked pears just waiting for the partridge in the tree to celebrate the season.
Darwin Slindee – PC by the Sea A.K.A. Computer whisperer – only limes collected from the alley in back of Montgomery Avenue and his homegrown rosemary and thyme make this authentic whiskey sour
Deanne Sabeck – glass light and color artist- she is a sweetheart who gives us a savory tart.
Dion Frischer – psychologist, recipe competition winner, grandmother – the absolute best brownie recipe honed over many years.
Irene Abraham – artist, academic, arts commissioner – the perfect hot fudge sundae for the zombie apocalypse.
Irene de Watteville – ceramic surreal, Dadaist artist with a fondness for the absurd – an amuse-bouche as a starter or sweet ending from the most amusing woman we know.
Kira Carrillo Corser – Compassionate artist, photographer, videographer, founder of Post for Peace and Justice – The caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland would be lucky to sit on these mushrooms.
Kitty Morse - cookbook author and recipe demonstrator and lecturer - Moroccan memories of almond, cinnamon custard with pomegranate jewels.
Lonnie Burstein Hewitt – journalist, lyricist, singer, hiker – hot stuff like curry, creamy as butter and healthy as a vegetable soup can be.
Lori Escalera – street painter, historian, healthy eating advocate - lactose/dairy-free, gluten-free, IBS safe, and absolutely DELICIOUS pancakes.
Marisa Cooper – artist teacher and executive director of COTA (Collaboration of Teaching Artists) gets to the heart of the pandemic with quick relief…wine and popcorn.
Maurice Hewitt – artist, photographer and war veteran – Salmon ramen, not your standard cup of noodles, but a whole new experience.
Naimeh Woodward – artist, director, Encinitas Friends of the Arts – Eggplant dip making mouths smile and beaks rejoice.
Nancy Atakan – Turkish conceptual artist – pickles are our spice of life.
Naomi Nussbaum – artist, sister board member for San Diego Synergy Arts Network, arts planner – happy anchovies make a delightful Caesar salad.
Patricia Frischer – painter, sculptor, curator, writer, teacher, SDVAN coordinator – Grilled chicken with three different sauces that can be used with a variety of other dishes so you are never bored.
Peter Logan – British kinetic sculptor, giver of large dinner parties – twice-baked souffles so you never need to worry about your timing.
Ralyn Wolfstein- painter, jeweler, dancer, deep sea diver, interior decorator, nine decades of experience - a recipe created for a charity project to raise funds - lemonade, ‘cause who doesn’t need a glass and a rocking chair?
Rosemary KimBal – her Zen brushes dance – flip your pear tart, beware the hot syrup and cool any wounds with ice cream.

EAT YOUR ART OUT: Fine Dining with Fine Artists
Fundraising dinner parties in support of the San Diego Visual Arts Network
Learn more and read about past events

Bohemia bonds with Blue Bloods
Creativity capitalizes with Consumers
Innovation indulges with Industrialists

Eat Your Art Out 2013

  photo by Rachel Murray/Ambush 

Table Top Artists Blanks to Beauty P2P Boutique
Education About/Volunteers Press & Photos

NEW: See all the Table Top artist designs in this PDF link and read about the educational project

A FUNdraiser celebrating the 10th Anniversary of SD Visual Arts Network & Synergy Arts Foundation. Proceeds will benefit SAF's arts education program at Kimbrough Elementary School, in collaboration with Feeding  America San Diego and Young Audiences, as well as ongoing programs of SDVAN and SAF. 

When: Saturday, April 27, 2013 from 6:30 p.m.

Where: Feeding America San Diego 9455 Waples Street, Suite 135, San Diego, CA 92121

What: P Squared: Palette to Palate – An Eat Your Art Out VIP patron 5-course sit down dinner/wine party and Blanks to Beauty Bash andSilent Small Format Art Auction. Delicious desserts, art boutique selling food-related, functional art items, upbeat live music from Ruby and the Redhots , dancing, . and lots of other magical surprises.

VIP Tables: SOLD OUT We are starting a waiting list so please do contact us for tickets that may be returned and reservations cancelled. Cost: VIP Dinner $125 per person / $225 per couple. To reserve for VIP dinner contact 760.943.0148
NEW: See all the Table Top artist designs in this PDF link and read about the educational project

Our Food themed Palette 2 Palate Boutique curated by Vicky deLong is showing many of the artist above with extra items Becky Guttin, Portia La Touche, Keikichi Honna  , Naimeh Tahna , Marilyn Mitchell,, Valentine Viannay, Lilly Pourat , Kathleen Mitchell , April Hernandez plus Susan Jasin, Shelly Dyer, Susan Osborn, Cooky Schock, Johanna Hansen, and Vicky DeLong .

Blanks 2 Beauty Bash Entry: Pre-book $15 or $20 cash at door / No Host Cash Bar
For entrance to Blanks 2 Beauty Bash  858.472.8401 Synergy Arts Foundation

For Participation in Blanks to Beauty as an artist go to Blanks to Beauty 2013 Form
NOTE: Entry to B2B will be free for all B2B Artists.
Blanks 2 Beauty Invite

Program: 6:30 pm ‘VIP Check-In’, art preview, boutique and cocktails / 7:00 pm Eat Your Art Out VIP dinner party / 8:15-9 pm Table Top Art Centerpiece Silent Auction & Table top Sales / 9 pm Blanks 2 Beauty Bash guest entry and art table preview / 6:30-10 pm ‘Blanks to Beauty’ Silent Auction / Music and dancing ‘til 12:30 am

Artists included who have promised at least one 2 10inch canvases:Aitchison, Allen, Anichowski, Ashley, Aviles, Barber, Beniston , Bennett, Betz, Birky, Bliesner, Brannan, Branson, Brunner, Brunner, Camp, Campbell, Car, Ceravolo, Chanis, Conroe, Cusey, Delgado, DeMatteis, Des Rosiers, DeVol-Cohen, Dewart, Dieter, DiVita, Dominguez, Dumlao, Ellis, Emerson, Fadeyi, Ferrera, Flournoy , Foss M., Frischer. Funk, Gibb. Graviss, Greve, Guttin, Haley, Harhausen, Harvey, Hill, Hoopes, Howlettm Hubbel, l Inouye, Irwin, Jackson, Jesinoski, Kane, Karavodin, KimBal, Kmen, Konya, Kurtis Cole, Lea, Lingnen, Lockowitz, Lovejoy, Maddalena, Maleki, Marinello, Matthes, Matthe, Mayo, McCoy, McGraw, Moldow, Moreno, Najera, Niehans, Nussbaum, Osias, Pezzoli, Ploeger, Presnell, Puffer, Radford, Ramirez-Schwarz, Raso, r Real-Athens, Robinson, Rodrigo, Rodriguez, Rogalski, Rogers, Roman, Rosen, Rountre, e Rubens, Sack, Schmiedeberg, Seyburn, Sherry, Skupin, Solan, Somerville, Speert, Springfield, Stacey, Stivers, Studenberg, Stump, Swanson, Sweeney, Tal, l Tanha, Team Touch, Trevino, Ugie, Urquhart, Van Herik, Vollet, Ward, Wiley, Williams, Wilson, Witnik, X Zhou, Zeiden.

Our thanks to the Blanks 2 Beauty Sponsors: Re-Gallery , Space4Art , Cirello Gallery, Distinction Gallery, Desserts curated by Kitty Morse including Bread & Cie, Oasis Date Farms, Opera Café and Patisserie, St. Madeleine's Sophies Center, The Continuing Education Culinary Arts Program of the San Diego Community College District and coffee donated by Starbucks.
Music by Ruby and the Redhots
sponsored by Carol Cole and Jonathan Woodward

back to P2P

Synergy Arts Foundation, collaborating with Young Audience, is providing an after-school art education project to 150 students at Kimbrough Elementary School who are just a few of the numerous recipients of Feeding America SD. Proceeds from the evening will benefit SAF's arts education program as well as ongoing programs of SDVAN and SAF. In this lesson Tara Opitz, the art instructor tells us “ The fish we drew was bought at a local fish market so the children could see first hand how to draw from life.  At first they were surprised to see a real fish, but it wouldn't be an authentic experience with just a picture of one!  We practiced observational drawing skills, making sure we understood the anatomy of the fish while experimenting with the patterns that the scales create.  As I roamed the room, we discovered interesting details such as tiny teeth, spines on the fins as well as the smell.  We had a lot of fun brainstorming the possible patterns for scales on our fish and adding fantastic colors.” 

Three banners designed by Irene de Watteville using student images from Kimbrough Elementary School

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San Diego’s unique ‘Palette to Palate’ event to combine art, music and food
by Lonnie Hewitt
Debb Solan
and Marjorie Pezzoli on Video: Channel 6 SD Living with Marc Baily, April 24, 2013 Our thanks to Tiffany Frowiss for arranging this for us.

SD Mayor Filner with Naomi Nussbaum, Synergy and Patricia Frischer, SDVAN

Our SDVAN Facebook page
Fusion Glass Palette 2 Palete Facebook page
Michael Campbell's Synergy Fundraiser Album
Kira Cabrillo Corser's Facebook page for Synergy Bash
Irene de Watteville's view of P2P

back to P2P

Synergy Arts Foundation and San Diego Visual Arts Network   are joining together to celebrate their 10th anniversary as non-profit organizations serving the San Diego arts community. This performance event begins with a VIP patron Eat Your Art Out sit down dinner with cocktails and wine, offering a delectable five-course meal. Each table, seating 10, will be designed and uniquely themed by a team of four artists who will be seated with patrons. Centerpieces and other artworks created for the event will be for sale or auctioned.

At 9 pm doors will then open for the Blanks 2 Beauty Bash guests. Delicious desserts will be served and the silent auction of 10 inch square artworks created by over 150 local artists will close at 10 p.m. A food-related “made in San Diego” art boutique, dancing to an fabulous live music by Bviolin & Mystic Groove Ensemble, late night d.j. and many other magical surprises will make this an unforgettable.

This fundraiser will be held at the open warehouse of Feeding America SD which will be transformed for the evening into an amazing themed party place. Feeding America uses hundreds of palettes, feeding 73,000 children, families and seniors it feeds a week. The artist palate is our way to give back to the volunteers of that wonderful facility by making décor to inspire and motivate them in their continuing quest to ease the hunger in our community.

Synergy Arts Foundation, collaborating with Young Audience, is providing an after-school art education project to 150 students at Kimbrough Elementary School who are just a few of the numerous recipients of Feeding America SD. Proceeds from the evening will benefit SAF's arts education program as well as ongoing programs of SDVAN and SAF.

Our thanks to the Palette 2 Palate Admin Committee: Patricia Frischer, Naomi Nussbaum, Irene de Watteville, Debra Poteet, Ann Sergott, Naimeh Tanha, Vicky deLong, Robin Stanford Roberts, Kathryn Schmiedeberg, Mireille Des Rosiers.

Our thanks to the Palette 2 Palate Volunteers: Alessandra Colfi, William Lesley, Meral DeMille, Artun Kutchuk, Linda Halsey, Marissa Happee, Norma Hill, Mark & Ali Jesinoski, Claire Le, Miori Matsumoto, Rose Moore, Lili Nolan, Antoinette Ransom, Tom Schmiedeberg, Darwin Slindee, Renee Thompson, Kaarin Vaughan, Ted Washington, Mike Stark, Jefferson Jay, Leanne Pearl, Elon Ebanks, Cynthia Collier, Chelsea K McGraw, Caitlin Whalen, Melanie Kamakao, Amy Waterhouse, Valentine Viannay, Aubri Almendariz, Sandra Dalager, Hallie Schmiedeberg, Chris Shuck, Linda Villegas, Tershia D’Elgin, Michael Sergott, Kira Corser, Bruce Tall, John Mitchell, Ivette Vaillard, Amy Gunn, Teri Persico, Carlos Maldonado, Talal Albagdadi, Bob Czarnowski, Khosro Pourat,Jen nie Pyles Gregory and Susan Jasin.

Our thanks to the Palette 2 Palate Advisors: Patti Cooprider, Sandra Chanis, Larry Poteet, Tom Sergott

For info/RSVP 760.943.0148

The fundraiser will benefit :

Synergy Arts Foundation  supports and nurtures artists in crisis, provides viable opportunities for local artists, and pioneers programs in arts education, arts for healing, community arts, and specific international and national art projects.

San Diego Visual Arts Network  is a database of information produced to improve the clarity, accuracy and sophistication of discourse about San Diego's artistic and cultural life while facilitating countless opportunities for inspiration and collaboration.

Established in 2007, Feeding America San Diego (FASD) is San Diego’s largest distributor of hunger-relief food, more than 21.5 million pounds within the last year, and the only Feeding America affiliate in the county. FASD works closely with over 160 partner agencies, local school districts, corporate partners and a network of volunteers to serve 73,000 children, families and seniors in need each week. Devoted to feeding the hungry, advocating for a sustainable future, and educating the community, FASD is committed to building a hunger-free and healthy San Diego through innovative programs and collaborative partnerships. Our thanks to FASD staff: Jennifer Gilmore, Diane Woerner, Lindsey King

RSVP and info: Patricia Frischer 760.943.0148

Lackadaisical Lady Fish by Irene de Watteville, Photo by Raymond Elstad
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We are always looking for any other artists who would like to join this fundraising project for SDVAN. For past events Eat Your Art Out 2010 and Eat Your Art Out 2008

"When bankers get together for dinner, they discuss Art. When artists get together for dinner, they discuss money." Oscar Wilde

But what happens when you put bankers and artists together? The San Diego Visual Arts Network will help you find out during its continuing series of intimate soirees in an ongoing awareness campaign to inform the public about the value of the visual arts to our community. We have invited a selected number of artists to host and participate. Each party has an interactive visual arts element, for this evening, food sculpture de-constructions. Each event is unique and very special with limited seating for only 6 additional guests each. A donation to SDVAN of $50 assures a place at the table. We are hoping to:

  • Recognize and celebrate existing visual art accomplishments by spotlighting local artists.
  • Expand the infrastructure of spokespeople/art patrons who can bring awareness of the visual arts to a wider audience
  • Give artist an opportunity to network with each other and make collaborative art works
  • Encourage Art Collecting and Connoisseurship
  • Promote a vision of the future of the role the visual arts can play in the San Diego community - lively, thriving, positive, empowered and fun
  • Raise funds for SDVAN projects

Remember: Practice safe eating - always use condiments

We are always looking for any other artists who would like to join this fundraising project for SDVAN. For past events Eat Your Art Out 2010 and Eat Your Art Out 2008

If you are interested in participating as a guest or artist , please contact us. We hope this ongoing project will allow for networking and many collaborations in the arts, but come ready to have fun, meet interesting people and feed the body and soul.
Patricia Frischer, Coordinator, SDVAN 760.943.0148

Fuller details for artists here

Eat Your Art Out 2012

Dr Sketchy’s Anti-Art School San Diego Haunted High Tea
Eat Your Art Out Fundraiser for San Diego Visual Arts Network
Sat. Oct 20 ,12:30pm
Artists: Albertine Feurer-Young, Nancy Carp, Yesenia Maybee, Matthew Hohlfeld
Host: Nikki Haritatos Model:Zoe Tantrum
Lunch in the Sterlings Mobile Barber Co.'s Airstream Trailer in the parking lot of The Ruby Room
Sketching follows at
The Ruby Room 1271 University Ave, San Diego CA 92103
Haunting high tea attire encouraged
3 places only left: $50 per person
RSVP and info: Patricia Frischer 760.943.0148

Press Release
See the video from Chanel 6 here
Photos from the event by Albertine Feurer-Young See them on this SmugMug site.
Fabulous blog in Treat Yourself San Diego by Kseniya Bublikova

Join us for an afternoon of hauntingly beautiful fun - unexpected and out of the ordinary – all in the spirit of high tea and Halloween.

Part one of this treat-filled jaunt starts with lunch and delicious libations. Talented artists will guide you in the creation phase of your journey, where you will engage in discussion about criteria for judging an anti-art school contest. If you desire, you will have an opportunity to make an award with your very own hands and imagination (supplies provided, of course).

Part two of your frightfully delightful adventure takes place at a Dr Sketchy's Anti-Art School San Diego session where you will experience what it's like to be immortalized in sketch form, joining the gorgeous model who will instruct you on the finer points of posing. You will confer, deliberate and judge the contest and award the winner. And, for the sweet and sinful finish to your Haunted High Tea, a generous helping of sketching (you can try your hand if you like) and masterpieces of another kind: luscious petit fours with a twist and other tiny tea treats.

Lunch starts with nibbles, including prosciutto and melon skewers and quirky quiches, followed by gourmet sandwiches and a caprese salad. Tea time treats feature teapot-shaped cake pops by Cutie Pops plus luscious cream puffs and brownie bites.

Eat Your Art Out 2010

Eat Paint Love, An Eat Your Art Out Fundraiser for SDVAN on
Sat. Nov. 13 Reception form 4 to 6 pm.
L Street Fine Art (628 L Street, San Diego 92101
Show until Dec 27, 2010.
More Info: Kay Colvin 760-492-2876

This is part of the Healing Arts project produced by Gerrit Greve and co-founded in 1993 with philanthropists Ralyn and Nate Wolfstein. Greve works with intern teachers, whose works will also be on display, to help students to learn that helping someone else they are empowered to help themselves .Artist Interns/ Teaching Assistants include Allyn Pilacio, Gamble Fechter, Tamara McDonald, Karen Moore, Heather Locke,  Mireille DesRossiers, AnnMarie Mancini, Heather Denis.

The Imperialistic Stomach: Absurdist Dinner
Friday, August 27 th, 6pm SOLD OUT
749 N. Granados Avenue, Solana Beach 92075
Host/Artist: Irene de Watteville and Daughters
Artist: Valentine Viannay
Artist Advocate Extraordinaire: Naomi Nussbaum
Artist Assistants: Rosemary KimBal, Joseph Bennett, Lilli Noden
Photographer: Lynne Merchant
Chef: Claire Williams Menu
RSVP for reservations and more information Patricia Frischer 760.943.0148
See event photo slide show
by Valentine Viannay

Come for an evening of absurdities "à la mode de chez *les Zinzins* (eccentrics) in Solana Beach. Exquisite food will be presented in a certain rivalry that promise to raise one of your eye brows as you watch the sunset. Guest chef Claire Williams (former chef of the barge Fandango) will concoct Daliesque cuisine just for you but you might be asked to construct some of your dishes. Menu: Duck Soupe a la "coal eeeee flower" with hint of Taj Majal, Seafood Orgy on a Naked Lackadaisical and Capricious Virgin Mermaid, Atavism of Ridiculous, Exasperating Quails frolicking in the Kasbah, Salades Molles a la carte Enlighted by Edison, Galazie of desserts: Be l'artiste paint your own desert, brush your teeth and be ludicrous.

Absurd hats have a very strange effect on people who don them. The ring of Chinese men surrounding a pin cushion attached to a head band, exotic Tibetan head dresses, soft stuffed lobster felt creations, a rubber flying pig on a straw fedora allow inhibitions to vanish, smiles to form and gaiety to prevail. And no one was concerned with questioning why for an entire evening of delights and surprises. Indeed, the stomach was the main focus of the night as course after course of whimsical and delicious sustenance was elegantly presented by an array of bedecked servers who cavorted to a range of music from Edith Piaf to accordion polka. Our napkins were printed with instructions demanding that since we had accepted this invitation, it was our duty to be amusing and we happily complied. Each soup dish arrived with a floating rubber duck. The shrimp were present skewered on the body of a half fish/half women sculptured platter, the quail heads were replaced by ceramic versions but so coquettish that one almost blushed to see the bird revealed on a bed or cous cous and a tangine of vegetables and meats. Pallet cleaners were frequent including a toothbrush full of minted cream projected from a ceramics pair of luscious lips and tiny blueberry filled glass slippers adorned with even smaller ball dress clad ladies. The guests Larry and Debra Poteet, Ann (who went home with the first edition of an Art Meets Fashion silk scarf made by Valentine Viannay and Rosemary KimBal) and Tom Sergott, Gene Summ and Ursula, Constance White, Anita Edman and Beth Smith were whirled away to a land inside Irene de Watteville’s head. This is a vacation destination of truly unique dimension.


Invite to Eat Your Art Out 2008

Take Out Containers: Artists Delivering in Style
Artists:Joseph Bennett, Jeffery Laudenslager, Deanne Sabeck, and Cheryl Tall
Wednesday, Oct 15 at 8 pm – Host Eli Hans and Joseph Bennett, Sublime Design:
4570 56th Street, SDCA 92115 See event photo slide show  
Lost: A Mapquest of Survival Arts Artists:Tania Alcala, Becky Guttin and Lauren Carrera ,
Wednesday, Oct 22 at 8 pm - Host Lauren Carrera

Exquisite Corpse: Collaborations of Rump, Sirloin, & Haunch
Artists: Dave Ghilarducci, Michele Guieu, Kevin Freitas
Saturday, Oct 25 at 8 pm - Host Dave Ghilarducci:
2920 Quail Road, Escondido, CA 92026
See event photo slide show

TAKE OUT CONTAINERS : Artists Delivering in Style
Artists:Joseph Bennett, Jeffery Laudenslager, Deanne Sabeck, and Cheryl Tall
Wednesday, Oct 15 at 8 pm SOLD OUT
Host Eli Hans and Joseph Bennett, Sublime Design: 4570 56th Street, SDCA 92115

Move over ugly white containers and dull china platters…we think your food should be delivered in style! Fabulous food calls for fabulous presentation. Four fabulous artists will serve culinary creations on their own eclectic sculptural pieces. We need your palette for tasting great food and wine and your inspiration in naming these sculptural creations! Melt your creative juices with those of the artists and you may depart with your own beautiful piece. Please join us for an evening of fine food, wine, sculpture and fabulous fun. We hope you’ll want to keep the inspiration going and use this art to host your own inspired dinner party! Menu: Angel and Devil Dips with various breads and crudities, Kinetic Kabobs, Paella, White Chocolate Hide and Seek Finale illustrated by Cheryl Tall Suggested $50 minimum donation per person for the evening dinner and activity. Only 6 places available for this intimate party in support of San Diego Visual Arts NetworkPlease RSVP to 760 943 0148 or and then send your check payable to San Diego Visual Arts Network to 2487 Montgomery Avenue , Cardiff by the Sea, CA 92007.

Never did Take Out food look as good as when displayed in ceramic devil and angel dishes by Cheryl Tall that captivated your heart. Never was paella consumed more passionately then in Deanne Sabeck’s platters. Never did fish have such a great resting place as in the fish kabob mother ship designed by Jeffery Laudenslager. And never was the search so delightful for sweetmeats hidden in the repurposed sculptures of Joseph Bennett. The guest, James Robbins, Catherine Sass, Ralyn and Nate Wolfstein and Lauren Carrera kept the evening lively which was not difficult as the party was hosted by the charming Eli Hans. Both this venue and the LOST dinner at Lauren's were held at homes of great style and grace. back to top

LOST: A Mapquest of Survival Arts

Artists: Tania Alcala, Becky Guttin , Lauren Carrera
Wednesday October 22, 2008 at 8 pm SOLD OUT
Host Lauren Carrera: 7860 E. Roseland, La Jolla CA 92037

Our adventure dinner party is intended to inspire you as we invite our guests to think outside of the box and onto the table cloth. We are a small number of individuals on a deserted island. To begin, the outline is all that defines this magical destination.  Each one is free to create inside and even outside if anyone cares to venture into the fantasy water. Your interaction with the island habitats and inhabitants is limitless.  Everything is possible.....No rights or wrongs… grading! For now, there are no signs of rescue, but food, drink, companionship and all art materials will be supplied. The artists will help you realize your dreams. You may you find a part of yourself you didn’t know you lost and want to continue this tradition.

  • The Island: magical features, healings and hardships, arriving and departing, time travel The Inhabitants: crossovers, survivors, generations The Monster: fears and protections The Numbers: prophecy and warnings The Visions: ghost and visual phenomena The Shelters: homes and community circles The Transformers: vehicles, routes and magic boxes
  • The Voices: communication devices and whisperers and electromagnetism

Menu: Shrimp Ceviche on Corn Tortillas Chips, Shrimp with Chile Negro Sauce, Guacamole, Refried Beans. Spanish Rice, Flan Napolitano illustrated by Julia San Roman Suggested $50 minimum donation per person for the evening dinner and activity. Only 6 places available for this intimate party in support of San Diego Visual Arts Network Please RSVP to 760 943 0148 or and then send your check payable to San Diego Visual Arts Network to 2487 Montgomery Avenue , Cardiff by the Sea, CA 92007

The LOST dinner by the side of Lauren’s pool in La Jolla, was tropical from the leis at the door to the fruit on the final table where guest were invited to design their fantasy desserts. The food was lovingly prepared by Tania Alcala using recipes of her mother for this absolutely authentic Mexican fare. Art works by Rosemary KimBal, Becky Guttin and the hostess and the chef were displayed. Tania even serenaded Alice and Doug Diamond, Karen Fox and Harvey Ruben, Cherie Halladay and Dave, Larry and Debra Poteet, Naimeh Tahna and Rod Lingren who shared an evening of stimulating art talk. back to top

Exquisite Corpse: Collaborations of Rump, Sirloin, & Haunch
Artists: Dave Ghilarducci, Michele Guieu, Kevin Freitas
Saturday, Oct 25 at 8 pm SOLD OUT
Host Dave Ghilarducci: 2920 Quail Road, Escondido, CA 92026

A pinch of this, a pinch of that, and VOILA….it’s precisely how a delicious recipe, a unique human being, or any fabulous creation comes together! Three talented artists mix, mash and mesh together a night of fabulous food and art, tidbits of their lives, funny secrets and lots of laughter. Follow the Surrealist path to fold paper to conceal your creation, and pass it on to the next guest for his/her contribution Join us for an exquisite night of food, wine and creation. If you are lucky, you will walk away with the unique masterpiece and the desire to play forward! Menu: Baguettes with Tapenade, Chicken and Sausage with Rosemary, Mushrooms and Garlic, Mashed Potatoes, Blanched Green Beans with Roasted Peppers and Red Onion, Pere al Vino Bianco illustrated by Michele Guieu Suggested $50 minimum donation per person for the evening dinner and activity. Only 6 places available for this intimate party in support of San Diego Visual Arts Network.

The Exquisite Corpse refers to the Dada word game played at the end of the meal at Dave Ghilarducci’s (his show opens at Colosseum Fine Arts on Nov 7) which was filled with surprises and irreverence. Kevin Freitas greeted us as a demented soldier with a bird nest on his helmet. Kyle Forbes was the designated host a la Joel Grey in Cabaret but Dave Ghilarducci was the chef and ringleader. A live chicken, a lady in red who disappeared, chocolate nuts and bolts and one course of feathers were presented along with delicious edible fare. The evening was graced by the lovely Diane Hook, Christine Freitas and Michele Guieu (the artist recently nominated for the SD Art Prize as an emerging artist) all wearing chapeaus of exquisite design by Christine. I guess you had to be there to appreciate the absurdity of watching Alex Ghilarducci (our mute muse for the night) sprinkling water from a can over Michele as she read a Breton poem in French. The ultimate gesture came half way through the evening when Dave reappeared with only half his beard and mustache. Guest Irene de Watteville, Patty and Dave Smith and Judy Spuris left with cast aluminum baby arm serving spoons and forks and “Fuck Dada, Let’s Dance” T-Shirts.

If you are interested in participating as a guest, please RSVP and send your check payable to San Diego Visual Arts Network to 2487 Montgomery Avenue , Cardiff by the Sea, CA 92007. We hope this ongoing project will allow for networking and many collaborations in the arts, but come ready to have fun, meet interesting people and feed the body and soul. Our thanks to Kelly Mellos for her word craft and enthusiasm for this project and to Rosemary KimBal for her continuing editing efforts, to Marti Krane for naming the event for us and to Melissa Reese for her wonderful logo design.

If you are interested in participating in this ongoing series as an artist, host or guest, please contact us. 760.943.0148