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DNA of Creativity - Visit the Official DNA of Creativity Website

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 San Diego Visual Arts Network is fusing the energies of SD Arts and Science communities to promote understanding and new ways to view the world and has  produced a series of projects, which will enhance the viewing public’s perception of creativity and its role in our lives.

DNA of Creativity at the Oceanside Museum of Art
Sat. April 12, to Aug 7, 2014
704 Pier View Way Oceanside, 92054
Free for OMA members, $10
More info Patricia Frischer 760.943.0148: Danielle Susalla 760.435.3721
More info: 760.943.0148


Grant Recipients showing at OMA
SD View Art Now (a smart phone app to locate local arts events near you) Patricia Frischer, Emily Kay, Denise Bonaimo Sarram, Alison Renshaw
Sea Changes: Act (a project featuring  plastic pollution) Michelle Kurtis Cole, Kira Carrillo Corser, Lauren Carrera, 
Dale Sweetnam, Caitlan B. Whalen, Debb Solan, Marjorie Pezzoli.   
Urban Succession
(preserving wildlife in urban settings) Jason Rogalski, Jean Tsau, Dr. David Lipson, Jeremy Gercke, Jonathan Austin
PAMM - PolyAesthetic Mapping: The Muses (ways to think about the collaborations that artists and scientist experience) Kaz Maslanka, Vicki Leon,Microtonal music by Jonathan Glasier, Joe Monzo, Arthur Frick, AntiQuark and poetry by Ted Washington,  Jeffery Haynes, Brianna DelGuidice

DNA of Creativity at the Oceanside Museum of Art Workshops and seminars:
Sea Changes: Act - Sunday, April 27, 1 to 5 pm, Sea Changes: Act interactive art project during the Earth Day Festival/Oceanside Days of Ar which will include making fish masks, recording fish tales with Kira Corser and re-purposing t-shirts into recycled shopping bags with Debb Solan and Marjorie Pezzoli. Please bring your own used heavy duty large t-shirt for this tote project.
PAMM Art and Science - Tuesday, June 17, 7- 8:30pm, DNA of Creativity PechaKucha Lecture with presentation by the team leaders.. The lecture will begin and end with a PAMM microtonal performance and Photoscopia demonstration.
Urban Succession Family Art Day - Sunday, August 3, 1- 4pm, Free Art & Science themed interactive workshops with Jason Rogalski (team leader and Conceptual Artist), Archana Jeeva-Microbiologist from SDSU, Brandie Maddalena -Social Artist, Carol Denenberg -Tenured Middle School Art Teacher, Corey Samuals -PhD in Ecology, Firinel Turner -Visual Artist, Ian Cunningham-Graphic Artist and Jaime Zlamal - Microbiologist from SDSU, Jean Wong -Directs the League of Extraordinary Scientists & Engineers
Sam Lopez -Directs the Stay Strange Sound Art Collective, Sherlynette Castro - Microbiologist from SDSU

DNA of Creativity at RED Saturday, April 26 at 7:00 pm. - a special presentation before the 8PM performance San Diego REPertory Theatre at the Lyceum 79 Horton Plaza, SD, 92101 619.231.4304
This is a riveting play about the life of Mark Rothko which got rave revues. Delve more deeply into the motivations of Rothko by exploring what happens when the Rorschach inkblot test meets giant Zen brush painting techniques of Rosemary this hands-on free opportunity. Information about the DNA of Creativity will be presented in a PechaKucha format,  Kira Carillo Corser for Sea Changes: Act, Kaz Maslanka for PAMM - PolyAesthetic Mapping: The Muses, Jason Rogalski for Urban Succession  and Patricia Frischer for SD View Art Now where each of the 4 teams will project 10 slides with only 20 seconds to describe each image.
Book a tickets on Sat, April 26 evening performance and SDVAN (the non profit producer of DNA of Creativity) will receive a $10 donation for each standard or premium seat sold. Please enter this code: SDVAN which can be used online, over the phone 619.231.4304 and at the box office to assure your donation.

DNA of Creativity
, Sea Changes: Act at Museum of Monterey at Stanton Center Saturday, March 8 from 2 to 6 pm with artists panel. Shows through May 25
Sea Changes: Act Panel - Sunday May 25 th, 2-5 pm

5 Custom House Plaza, Monterey, CA 93940

Past DNA oc C evnets

We are delighted to announce that the following team are receiving $2000 grants

SD View Art Now: SDVAN App (a smart phone app to locate local arts events with an augmented reality component)
SD View Art Now Lesson Plans 1 - Application Evaluation
SD View Art Now Lesson Plans 2 - App Logo Design

Sea Changes: Act ( featuring  climate change, plastic pollution, acid seas, and
dwindling fish populations and offering emotional motiviation to create changes in these areas affecting our oceans )
Sea Changes: ACT Lesson Plan 1 - Floating Bottled Jellyfish
Sea changes: ACT Lesson Plan 2 - T-shirt Tote

Urban Succession (preserving wild life in urban settings)
Check out these individual sculptures that are sited around San Diego.
Soil Blind
Microbial Knot -
Urban Succession Lesson Plan Microbial Knot
Orb Weaver Loom
Spiral Pigeon House

PAMM - PolyAesthetics Mapping: The Muses (a structure to think about the collaborations that artists and scientist experience, a way to compare and contrast aesthetic decisions and to help individuals gain confidence in their own aesthetic choices).
PAMM Lesson Plan   - PAMM Muse Poetry by Ted Washington,  Jeffery Haynes, Brianna DelGuidice.

DNA Information Meeting from Patricia Frischer on Vimeo.

Visit the official DNA of Creativity website. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and join the Blog

Mission : In-depth team explorations of a concept which fuses the energies of both art and science communities and researches and showcases the creative process.

From Blank page to Eureka moment to Implementation projects include demonstrations of a bond between the Artistic and the Scientific Communities, producing collaborative exhibitions, events, and lesson plans and cross promoting activities that reflect our mission.

PDF Full Information sheet

Our DNA of Creativity blog prepared by Kaz Maslanka will endeavor to add links of interest and provide a way for free discussions on this subject.

Please let us know if you would like to receive special email messages about the activities of this group.


  • Make the complexities of art and science accessible
  • Showcase the aesthetics of both the arts and the sciences
  • Enhance the viewing public’s perception of creativity and its role in our lives as thriving, positive, empowered and fun
  • Explain the creative process
  • Enlarge the audience for both arts and sciences
  • Re-enforce the idea of San Diego as an Art and Science destination
  • Encourage appreciation of excellence in the fields of art and science
  • Create additional awareness for all supporting organizations
  • Invigorate students of all ages to support the arts and sciences either as participants or beneficiaries

Selection Committee for Grants: lHarvey Seifter - Art of Science Learning Director and Principal Investigator for the National Science Foundation grant. Ron Newby - Bronowski Art and Science Forum and Ruth West Research Associate, UCSD Research in Computing and the Arts

DNA of Creativity Volunteer Committee
Patricia Frischer - Coordinator SD Visual Arts Network
Kim Richards - Public Relations
Kaz Maslanka - Blogmaster
Aimee Dupuis - Webmistress
Darwin Slindee - Team Management
Corrinne Bollendorf – Social Media
John Chalmers - Science Adviser
Rosemary KimBal and Naomi Nussbaum - editor and proof reader

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Calendar listing on: Discover SD, Pacific San Diego Magazine, San Diego Magazine, San Diego Reader:,, Scoop San Diego, U-T San Diego, Mission Times Courier, La Mesa Courier and Mission Valley News

Past Events

PAMM in Concert with Ted Washington
Something in the Heart is Never Lost: A Do Art Daily Challenge
Sat. Nov 9 from 6-10 pm

Memorial exhibition for Cara Mia Ciasulli
Presented by OpenArtsCollective
325 15 th St. SD 92101
More info: Michelle Coltart

Urban Succession Tour (preserving wild life in urban settings) on
Sat, July 13 at 1am Picnic to follow at 4pm
Soil Blind
, Microbial Knot, Orb Weaver Loom, Spiral Pigeon House
starting at San Diego Academy near SDSU, 6104 Adelaide Ave. San Diego, CA 92115. 
More info: Jason Rogalski 619.582.2820

Soil Blind DNA of Creativity Urban Succession
Until June, 2013
Woodbury School of Architecture
2212 Main St. SD. 92113.
Viewed from the corner of Sampson Street and Main, walking east on Sampson.
More info: Jeremy Gercke 619.820.6766

Blind DNA of Creativity Grant Celebration Meeting
Thursday, May 31, 2012 from 7 to 9 pm
2487 Montgomery Avenue, Cardiff by the Sea, 92007
More info: 760.943.0148

DNA of Creativity Public Information Meeting
Wednesday Jan 18, 2012 from 7 pm to 9 pm
MiraCosta College
3333 Manchester Avenue, Cardiff, CA 9200
More info: 760.943.0148

DNA of Creativity is one of the partners of the Art of Science Learning conference
Tue, June 14, 8:30 - 6 pm and Wed, June 15, 2011, 8 to 1 pm
California Institute of Telecommunications and Information Technology (CALIT2) at UCSD.
More info: from website.

Art of Learning Conference report by Patricia Frischer

SDVAN presents a special DNA of Creativity event Synthesis:  Processing and Collaboration
Including Virtual Reality installation for the StarCAVE

Thurs Feb 24, 2011 at noon
Special guest Tom DeFanti, Director of Visualization and  Senior Research Scientist at UCSD
Trish Stone, Tour Director, Gallery  Coordinator
Atchinson Hall, 858-336-6456
Info can all be found on the Calit2 website 760.943.0148

About San Diego Visual Arts Network (SDVAN)
SDVAN strives to improve the clarity, accuracy and sophistication of discourse about San Diego's artistic and cultural life. SDVAN provides a resource-rich website and facilitates countless opportunities for inspiration and collaboration on visual arts projects. This is the only site designed exclusively for Visual Arts in the San Diego region. SDVAN is a 100% volunteer non-profit organization dedicated to reinforcing the idea that the visual arts are a necessary and vital part of the health of our city. About Oceanside Museum of Art (OMA)
OMA has a mission to educate and inspire the public through a diverse range of engaging exhibitions and programs that connect people with regional, as well as national and global artists and art forms of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Please let us know if you would like to receive special email messages about the activities of this group. This is a future project for SDVAN culminating in 2012-2013.