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Did you know we are a 100% Volunteer Organization?
Your input and donations* helps SDVAN fashion our arts community. All donation go to programs and promotion of the visual arts in San Diego.
*All tax deductible donations $5 or more made between now and Dec 31, 2009 recognized online with a live link of your choice on the 2009 sponsor page. Join our list of 2009 supporters.

Under $5, $25, $26 - $100, $101 - $200, $201-$1999, $2000 and over. All donations of $25 or more are also archived on our sponsors page

Online by credit card or Pay Pal

or Donate by check 
Please make checks payable to San Diego Visual Arts Network and mail to:
c/o Patricia Frischer
2487 Montgomery Ave.
Cardiff by the Sea, CA 92007

For the first time we worked to make a tally of the in-kind donations to SDVAN. That means goods and services given to us instead of cash. Those figures are now complete for 2008 and they are a whopping $55,000. This does not include any volunteer hours which would take the figure off the charts! Together with Synergy Arts Foundation (our sister non-profit) we are happy to announce some of our figures from the California Cultural Project comparisons with like visual arts non-profits in our budget range. We have:

  • A third more than average volunteer hours
  • Three times the number of programs and double the number of opening receptions
  • Seven times the money contributed on our websites
  • Over 450 individual donors compared to the state average of 60

This has been a bumper year for SDVAN. We held two SD Art Prize shows at the L Street Gallery, the New Contemporary II exhibition of 13 emerging artists at Noel Baza Fine Art, and the widely inclusive Little and Large promotion at 41 venues throughout San Diego County and included over 100 artists.

We are currently working on the second Movers and Shakers project featuring more than 40 artists and the VIPs chosen to be portrayed and the 2010 SD Art Prize and New Contemporary III exhibitions. In the pipeline is a wonderful Art Meets Fashion promotion and a branding project where we are hoping to raise the profile of the local visual arts made in our region. We are trying hard to complete an update to the site content management system which will bring us in line with the most advance computer software for the SDVAN site and hopefully take care of some of our glitches.

Money given to SDVAN is money given to help the visual arts in the entire region of San Diego prosper and be recognized as the vibrant and creative resource that it truly is.

Immense thanks to the following for 2009 donations to SDVAN:
*denotes donation designated for SD Art Prize
Under $5, $25, $26 - $100, $101 - $200, $201-$1999, $2000 and over. All donations of $25 or more are also archived on our sponsors page

Under $25

Michael Guieu
Gail Roberts
Jon and Carol Graber
Toni L. Romero-Kohl and Jonathan a. Kohl
St. Clair Gallery
Fallbrook Art Center
Anna Jenkins and Dan Adams
Escondido Art Partnership
Robin Przybysz
Theresa Vanderberg-Donache
Mariana Sain-Morar
Betty Blount
Claire Slattery
Fred Marinello


Alan Ziteraziter@ntcfoundation.org
Bart Ziegler Golden Hill Arts
Reba Engel
Judith A. Godde
Friends of La Jolla Elementary for LA Jolla Art Wine Festival
Melissa Inez Walker, Distinction Gallery
Cherrie La Porte and Garry Cohen
Jon Rawlinson
Joe Nalven
Shannon O’Dunn
Edward Roxburgh
Heather KiNCH
Institute of the Americas - Isabel Escalle

$26 - $100

The Andrews Gallery
Catherine Robertson
Anita Edman, Solana Beach City Hall Gallery
Connie Cannon
Lori Lipsman
Jen Trute
Lynn Susholtz Stone Paper Scissors
Elly Dotseth
Becky Guttin
Caroline Shine Benkendorf
Nathan and Ralyn Wolfstein Wolfstein Sculpture Garden
St. Madeleine Sophie’s Center
Michelle Robinson, Ray Street Custom Framing
Oceanside Museum of Art
Lynn Merchant
Jill Le Croissette

Studio Vivace - Naimeh Tanha
San Diego Guild of Puppetry - Lynne Jennings
Jeffrey Clark

$101 to $200

Virginia Bell Jordon
Art of Photography - Steven Churchill
Carolyn L. E. Benesh and Robert K. Liu Ornament Magazine
Kaz Maslanka
Paul Fernands and Debbie Solan Fusion Glass Company
Lia Strell
Florence Frischer

$201 to $1999

*Vivian Lim and Joe Wong
Toyota Scion through Automotive Marketing consultants.Inc.
Lesley Silver
Douglas and Alice Diamond
Adorn Gallery - Mirjam Butz-Brown

$2000 and over

Seth Sprague Educational and Charitable Foundation