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Did you know we are a 100% Volunteer Organization?
Your input and donations* helps SDVAN fashion our arts community. All donation go to programs and promotion of the visual arts in San Diego.
*All tax deductible donations $5 or more made until Dec 31, 2022 recognized online with a live link of your choice on the 2021 sponsor page. Please join our list of 2021 supporters.

Online by credit card or Pay Pal

or Donate by check 
Please make checks payable to San Diego Visual Arts Network and mail to:
c/o Patricia Frischer
2487 Montgomery Ave.
Cardiff by the Sea, CA 92007

We ask now for your end of year donations which are fully tax deductible and look forward to seeing all of your names on our 2021 Supporters list which is now posted.

We hope you will continue to support the San Diego Visual Arts Network which works so hard to support the entire visual arts community and showcase San Diego as a city of innovation and creativity. Please remember that SDVAN is a 100% volunteer organization with no bricks and mortar overheads and so all your donations go to our programming needs.

We continue with our programs highlighting the best of the best with our SD Art Prize. We have produced a variety of other programs including our ongoing, Business Scholarship for Emerging Artists at Mission Fed Art Walk which enable a free booth and mentoring marketing skills. We give featured event status to hundred of events a year, mention art professionals, art activist and art opportunities in our RAW column and post reports on dozens of art exhibitions in our Picked RAW Peeled blog. We now have an Ongoing Events page and a Virtual Events page besides our Upcoming Events page which also scrolls on our home page.

San Diego Visual Arts has positioned itself to be of optimum support for the visual arts community In 2022. with our. SD View Art Now, smart phone app which pin points local arts events from the San Diego Visual Arts Network calendar on a GPS map identifying the viewers position. . Our calendar is free and accesses the events in our directory of over 2500 visual arts resources. All of these projects are moving San Diego in the right direction for innovative economic growth..

Immense thanks to the following for 2021 donations to SDVAN:
Under $5, $25, $26 - $100, $101 - $200, $201-$1999, $2000 and over.
All donations of $25 or more are also archived on our sponsors page
We also wish to thanks those secret supportorse that would rather remain anonymous!

Under $25
Lonnie Burstein Hewitt
Leiko N
Judy Berman Silber
Andrew Waltz
Denise Sarram

Sharon Novak
Mark Ralls

Marianela de la Hoz
Natasha Vayner

Bridget Rountree

Melissa Walter

Adriana Martinez Noreiega
Michael Browne
Jeffery Brewer
Ellen Dieter

Lynn Susholtz
Terri Oelrich
Tim Murdoch
Philip Petrie
Michelle Montjoy
Lynn Delatorre
Xavier Vasquez
Kristen Aaboe
James E Watts
Phil and Yuko
Leo Bleicher
Angela Jackson

$26 - $100
Einar de la Torre
Victoria Alexander Marquez
Katie Dolgov
Gregory Reade
Arzu Ozkal
Robin Lipman
Ingrid Westlake
Greg Colgate
in memory of Larry Baza
Vanguard Culture
Perry Vasquez
Alessandra Moctezuma
Felicia Shaw
Samar Sepehri

Claire Slattery
Becky Guttin
Stuart Strenger
Marie Mingalone

Al Lopez
Nancy Gordon
John Reynold
Jennifer and Douglas
Naimeh Woodward

Linda Garwood
Alan Ziter

Keith Mautner
Jonathon Glus
Mod Est
Deanne Sabeck
Ivana Mikic
Shadi Dayeh

Perry Vasquez
Crit Stuart
Jennifer and Douglas
Karen Schlapper Young
David Fobes
Viki Walsh
Corey Fayman
Nate and Ralyn Wolfstein
John Chalmers
Dorothy Patterson
Emmy Garnica
Blanca Lucia Bergman Art Unites

Cheryl Tall
Marti Krane
Lynne Jennings

$101 to $200
Dion Frischer
Marie Tartar Steven Eilenberg
Irene Abraham

$201 to $1999
Synergy Art Foundation
Alice and Doug Diamond
Ellen Speert and Paul Henry and PHES Gallery

$2000 and over
Patricia Frischer and Darwin Slindee
Cardiff Seaside Market
Cardiff 101 Main Street