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Articles on Picked Raw Peeled Blogspot

Artists Kathy Miller and Judith Christensen, "Life Lines" exhibition, Rose Art Gallery,(Francis Parker School), San Diego by Cathy Breslaw Dec, 2013
Mike Berg: Recent Textiles,Museum of Contemporary Art,Downtown San Diego,Review
by Cathy Breslaw
Dec, 2013
Dana Montlack: Sea of Cortez, Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego,Review
by Cathy Breslaw
Dec, 2013
Mira Costa College EARTH Art
, The Artist’s Mentor: The Hyde Gallery by Joe Nalven,
Dec, 2013
New Art at the SD Airport: Flying Hightby Patricia Frischer,
Nov 2013
The Complete Frida Kahlo’ Exhibit By Lonnie Burstein Hewitt , Nov 2013
Conversations on Beauty, Cannon Invitational, Ceramics at the Garden, Glass Workshop with Ilanit Shalev, Art of Photography by Patricia Frischer, Nov 2013
A Life in Art: Every Picture Tells a Story to Collector Doug Simay By Lonnie Burstein Hewitt Oct, 2013
OMA Art Auction and Landscapes from Doug Simay's Collection by Patricia Frischer - Additional article by Lonnie Hewitt, Oct 2013
Exhibit Ambush Phase 2by Patricia Frischer, Oct 2013
The Juror's Talk: Art of Photography Show by Joe Nalven, Oct 2013
Innovation Incubator by Patricia Frischer, Oct 2013
Marc Petrovic's 'Find and Seek' series at Madison Gallery, La Jolla, CA by Cathy Breslaw,
Oct 2013
MOCA, downtown San Diego, Liza Lou's 'Color Field' Installation by Cathy Breslaw,
Oct 2013
Juxtaposing Photographers: The Relative Viewpoints of Lavine and Levine, Sept, 2013
Arts Leaders Motivations , Sept, 2013
Poke: Debby and Larry Kline , Sept, 2013
Robert Pincus on The Future of Art Criticism summary by Patricia Frischer, Aug 2013
The Photography of Jeff Brosbe by Joe Nalven, Aug 2013
Fifteen Minutes of Fame at SDMA,
Aug 2013
ArtWalk @NTC Liberty Station
, Aug 2013
Tales from the Vinyl Dimension - John Purlia at Pannikin, July, 2013
Duke Windsor's Men @ Work: Blood, Sweat, & Fears, July, 2013
Spiral: New Paintings by Gail Roberts June, 2013
Ernest Silva, Jay Johnson and Chuck Arnoldi at OMA June, 2013
Alternative Materials Panel Discussion June, 2013
London Art Newsletter, May, 2013
San Diego Mayor Bob Filner helps celebrate 2012 Art Prize winners at La Jolla’s, April. 2013
Maximal: Palette 2 Palate, April, 2013
Athenaeum Music & Arts Library by Lonnie Hewitt, April 2013
Grey Murr and Joan Winte at Susan Street and Morgan Ervin at Martin McNabb April 2013
2012 SD Art Prize at the Athenaeum, April 2913
Kim Emerson for CAC of SDMA at Robin Lipman , March 2013
Playing with a Full Deck, March 2013
James Hubbell and Ellen Salk at OMA, Feb 2013
Spike and Mike's Festival of Animation,
Feb 2013
Joyce Cutler-Shaw’s art and Lois Stecker auction at La Jolla’s Athenaeum , Jan 2013 William D. Cannon Art Gallery Juried show 2013, Jan 2013 also includes Walter Wojtyla at Meyer Fine Art, Kira Carrillo Corser: Mystery and Metaphor, Multiplicity: 7 Women at Solana Beach City Hall Gallery, Natural World Inspiration at Mission Trails Regional Park Foundation Visitors Center Art Gallery  and SoulCollage from California Center for Creative Renewal.

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Message from the Editor:

As Kevin Frieitas, the 2011 editor for Picked RAW said, "The world Turns." Kevin turned Picked RAW Peeled into a more than just reports of our Picked RAW choices. He added Daily Jabs, Daily Nags and even some Picked Ripe blogs. He wrote, " Those who write about the arts solidify its place in history and insures its continuum.  A benefit that will reach beyond many generations to come." We welcome all writers, professional, diarist, bloggers, twitters to send us bits and we will include them in the Picked RAW Peeled blog.

We encourage writers to develop their voice while writing about visual arts events in the San Diego County. We intend to avoid art speak so the average reader can understand the text without a masters degree in art history. Past writers include Louisa Garcia, Sheena Ghanbari, Angela Babb Timmons and Katherine Sweetman,Thomine Wilson, Kevin Freitas reporting on the Picked RAW events. Our thanks to Ann White for her brilliant proofing and to Karla Duarte, Ana Laura Zúñiga and Felipe Zúñiga for occasional translations.

Patricia Frischer is a founder and the coordinator of the San Diego Visual Arts Network, Frischer has taken on the roles of gallerist, curator, writer, teacher, website coordinator and artist. Her many metamorphoses make her difficult to fit into any of the usual art world categories. She is author of The Artist and the Art of Marketing has lectured extensively on marketing for artists. Frischer is a trainer of artists’ agents, art dealers, consultant and collectors (see ArtPro.) Her own artwork has been shown internationally.

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More information about the blog

The views put forth on this page on not necessarily those of San Diego Visual Arts Network and SDVAN neither endorses or is responsibly for them. Please contact the writers directly with your comments The reports are chosen from events that are listed on the SDVAN site in approximately the previous 30 days.

If you are a writing interested in contributing to Picked RAW Peeled, please note there is no remuneration. SDVAN is a 100% volunteer organization and a non-profit project, but there rae several advantages:

  • A wide audience for your writing
  • Resume expansion
  • Power of promoting selected events
  • Support of a community who is appreciative
  • Mentoring support if you chose
  • Freedom of expression: although we do have the right to reject writing if those views could affect our non-profit status.

    Contact me at any time, if you are interested in writing for San Diego Visual Arts Network.

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Picked RAW Peeled Archived for Jan - March 2011
Louisa Garcia: A Breath of Fresh Air Robert Wilson: Video Portrait at the Timken Museum 
Louisa Garcia “I can’t believe she’s wearing that dress…” at Ladies First at Sophies Art Gallery

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